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  1. Murray or sccgers ? sscgers, Ultimately it leads to the departure of Murray I'm happy, although I would like to hear this consortium plans before celebrating.
  2. I won't be celebrating Murrays departure just yet, hopefully I will be soon though. sscgers has got a lot of things correct in the past.
  3. Watched 5 mins of it and turned it off! Fucking gash.
  4. Out of a freezing cold glass bottle is the only way to enjoy the bru
  5. I seen that Louis Theroux documentary as well, he does pretty well to pick flaws in their " religion " but it wouldn't be hard! I remember one of their followers was the another Journalist who went to interview them and never left has he bought into it all. I'm sure I read that mother had one of her children out of wedlock.
  6. jealousy is a bitch. Affording them is not a problem, I don't want to spend £99 on looking like a total wanker. If your happy with your deep sound and better quality then knock yourself out.
  7. Whenever I see people wearing those I think " fud "
  8. Wanking over pictures on her facebook doesn't mean you're going out Better than that actually Slip a finger up your bum too? She's poked mine and i've poked hers :lol: :lol: :lol:
  9. gutted its on bbc Heaviii gutted eh !! If only you got BBC as standard, then he would be onto a winner
  10. I'm pretty determined to learn German at some point in my life.
  11. I've also got a whacking great big chip out my tooth! I'm a walking fucking disaster
  12. I've done something similar David Tried to do a short cut coming home from the pub with a few mates over a field where they were building houses! They had dug up the field something awful so there was huge ditches every now and again. Being the cunning fox I am I stayed in the middle of the group so I could see if anyone ahead of me fell, my mate fell down about a 6ft ditch! I wasn't convinced the jump over it could be made so my other mate tried it and done it pretty successfully so I thought I would have a go at jumping it! Tripped just as I was about to jump and walloped my chin right off
  13. My most stupid one of late was swallowing the ring-pull and the other wee sharp bit from a can of Fanta. That was a good 6month ago though.
  14. I've seen you run for you're life :lol: The night I was messing around with some stones ?
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