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  1. Can I just say something here.......................... Ya dancer! So relieved! Can move on now, great news! Well, we can mmove on but you know who will have plenty to say! I am looking forward to the snyde phone in tonight, 1st time I will have listened in years but I want to hear them frothing at the mouth! Great Banter! WATP
  2. Keep the game commentary coming guys as I am stuck in work today with not even radio commentary. Gutted to not watch it today but needed next weekend off for 1st league game at Ibrox and my brothers 21st!
  3. Aye, no bad.

    What a black last night.


  4. Anytime you get Daniel Day-Lewis playing a "baddie" it is worth checking out, he is tremendous in this movie, what a character he gets to play. Overall it is a little overdone and a bit much but I still enjoyed watching it. I went to watch WARRIOR last week. I absolutely loved it, 1 of he best films I have seen in years. Nick Nolte was amazing in it, Tom Hardy was very believable as an ex soldier with a toght background. The sheer emotion they exuded on screen was electric at times, you could cut the tension with a knife. A great, if slightly unrealistic story, but I was hooked from start
  5. I am going to the boozer for this tonight, I still think we will lose 2-0 and the only hope we have is that Lithuania beat the Czechs.
  6. regardless of what happens now, we have been inept over both games. Shocking really. We are clueless in Europe once again.
  7. Just finished watching "Hud" there, 2963. Paul Newman plays a brilliant part once again. Great western although quite a depressing last 20 mins or so. Definitely 1 of the best actors of all time. Great screen presence. 1 of those films that you need to see at some point so I am led to believe. The black and white photography makes it a bit better, not 1 I can imagine being made in colour. A bit like Schindler's list in that respect. It just suits the story better.
  8. I just watched "bad company" there, stars anthony hopkins and chris rock. Decent action romp, plenty of decent gun fights and chase scenes. Decent talent and very good performances from the leads. Nothing particular great about the story but it was entertaining enough and passed a couple hours. Not 1 I would go out of my way to see again though.
  9. I just finished watching G-Men there, James Cagney in it, classic film but he plays an FBI agent in this 1, not his usual gangster role. He just commanded the screen back then. I love watching his stuff. Still a standout performer everytime you watch him even though the film is 76 years old
  10. We are goingto have to agree to disagree mate! For the record, I also think that PBF would win but he is the 1 refusing the fight, Pacman even agreed to the blood testing then mayweather changed his mind and wanted more tests closer to the fight. Mayweather is more scared of losing his unbeaten record than he is of Pacman, he aint fought in ages! The money they would both make would be incredible and it is going to be the worst decision boxing never makes if they never fight each other. Roach and Pacman have called out mayweather loads of times and there has been nothing in response. No do
  11. He is fighting shane mosley next month I think, it is soon anyway. Mayweather wont fight him. Shitting it!
  12. that card is nowhere near worth £15, Khan is having a laugh!!!
  13. I thought Haye was married or hada serious relationship?? Why go to Vegas, last time I checked, there were plenty of stunning sluts kicking around in Miami!! A Much higher quality than in Vegas too!
  14. Less belts as well would be nice mate!! 1 title per weight division and cut the different number of divisions but there is no chance of boxing changing its ways so drastically. They wont change until it is just another minority sport with a dwindling fanbase as the best matches never get made. MMA will continue to grow as boxing dwindles unfortunately.
  15. Boxing needs to be more like UFC as far as undercards are concerned, the quality has to be higher and I was delighted wit the quality on show on sat nights Bill. Much improved. Glad to hear Oscar wants to deliver value, the way the economy is for peple just now means that PPV are a luxury for a lot of people and unless the card looks top notch, they wont pay. People wont pay for just 1 name on a main event now, it has to offer value for money and skys last PPV's have not delivered so that is why they had to pull Khan from box office. Amir (or most likely his family/management team) seem to h
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