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  1. Can I just say something here.......................... Ya dancer! So relieved! Can move on now, great news! Well, we can mmove on but you know who will have plenty to say! I am looking forward to the snyde phone in tonight, 1st time I will have listened in years but I want to hear them frothing at the mouth! Great Banter! WATP
  2. The bitterness of the earls is showing up on that BBC site live text page. 2 messages in from Savco fans already. No bears getting trhough on a Rangers story? BBC are scum. Nice to see them hurting though.
  3. This is how I feel now, I was a huge Scotland fan and I will never attend anotehr game, purchase another shirt or even bother to watch them on TV. Fuck the SFA and their anti Rangers bias. They will be getting nothing from me ever again.
  4. Keep the game commentary coming guys as I am stuck in work today with not even radio commentary. Gutted to not watch it today but needed next weekend off for 1st league game at Ibrox and my brothers 21st!
  5. With the interest on the game I don't understand why the beeb do not have ab English commentary option on the red button. Vast majority of viewers won't speak Gaelic. More anti rangers bias? Lol
  6. For those who have doubted his commitment, myself included, the past week has show him in a different light. We finally have someone in authority who will not roll over and follow the "dignified silence" approach of previous regimes. Looks like the corrupt SFA and SPL will not be getting it all their own way from now on. With CG leading the fight, hopefully ALL our fans groups and factions will unite and focus on the real enemies of RFC. The Bears are coming! Beware!
  7. Hahahaha just what I needed big chap! Belter!
  8. Hoff

    rab wilson

    It's those kind of posts that keep me reading the forums even though I have stopped posting. That was a terrific read brother! Minstral, don't worry, there are plenty young bears who love our traditions and will fight to preserve them. The battle has just begun. No surrender!
  9. like it mate. Time to start the fight back. The fans need to step up here. Heartbreaking as this is, we are the club and if we keep fighting there will always be a Rangers. No surrender.
  10. Hoff


    Regan wont know what's hit him. This has ignited a fire in the support like nothing else has before.
  11. Hoff


    what is his statement?
  12. You're damn right we will Super! No Surrender.
  13. Great stuff! I hope evbery other RSC can do the same.
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