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  1. I vaguely remember Kris Boyd playing for the under 21s last season, despite being over 30. I'm assuming it was just the reserve squad, and if so, why are they called the under 21s?
  2. I'm looking for a number for the back of my Rangers top. Any one know where I can buy them? They were worn on the last season shirt with Umbro and Tennents.
  3. Ghastly, imo. Haven't bought the last few home tops. Unimpressed with the lack of creativity. Wish they'd do something retro again.
  4. Posted on Facebook by the official page - HOME KIT GALLERY: http://rng.rs/1D6rkN3 GK KIT GALLERY: http://rng.rs/1CQR8fK
  5. I can be. We already established this fact a few posts up. ^
  6. Probably true, but at least I'm not an illiterate.
  7. It's not just this guy. Someone on the Facebook page spelled "controversial" like contravertial.. The spelling and grammar mistakes I've seen in the past two days were enough to give me a good indication of the level of intellect supporters of this club have. Interestingly enough, it's majority of people who want to see Ally stay.
  8. Clearly you've never been within arms reach of a dictionary, you knuckle dragging dummy. Rangers might be the best club in the world, or at the very least Britain, but we have the most illiterate supporters too.
  9. I'd suggest a more respectful protest, similar to the one at the Emirates v West Brom last week. Perhaps something like this:
  10. Aye, I think 4 is Robbie Crawford and 6 is most certainly Kris Boyd, though it looks very rushed. 5 and 7 have thrown me for a loop though. Here are the players present for the North American tour, if it helps:
  11. 1. Lee McCulloch 2. Ally McCoist 3. Bilel Mohsni (?) 4. Robbie Crawford (?) (Judging by govanblue's photo) 5. ? (#14?) 6. Kris Boyd (?) 7. ?
  12. Thanks govanblue, that's definitely helped. I know I met Boyd that night, but still can't identify him on my shirt. They also look a lot better in person. Keep in mind, I was on a pitch with 4,000 other Rangers supporters all waiting to get shirts, flags, scarves signed, so I didn't a) have the time to identify each player by name and b) the signatures were done pretty fast on a jersey I was holding, so a few of the signatures are scrunched up. Still need help with 4, 6, 7 and 10. The one below 6 looks like it could be Ian Durrant.
  13. Hey, I live in Ottawa and was at the Fury FC match v Rangers FC here in Ottawa. After the match there was a signing and meet/greet on the pitch, but players came through pretty quickly, so I'm having trouble identifying them. The ones I have identified are left to right clockwise. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 1. Lee McCulloch 2. Ally McCoist 3. Bilel Mohsni 4. ? 5. Calum Gallagher 6. Nicky Clark (he's 14)? 7. ? 8. Steve Simonsen 9. Kenny Miller 10. ?
  14. Anyone who went to the match, did the players come back out after to meet the fans? Would love to get my shirt signed and a photo of Jig.
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