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  1. Simply dont see anything in this boy , even his pace isn’t used correctly .
  2. The Southampton fans have been wanting rid of him for months going by their forums , not well thought of at all .
  3. I don't see how this group can be taken seriously , if they get a decent shareholding and that's a massive if , the very fact that any member can remove their shares at any time must undermine the whole concept IMHO . I also don't agree with having no say , you basically pay our money , proxy your shares , shut up and have to let them decide what they want , club1872 may have plenty of flaws but it doesn't have those basic 2 , again it's only my opinion .
  4. Stay strong mate , all the best
  5. Don't know why anyone is arguing about this issue really , the original £20 million is gone just as every small shareholders money, why King is being singled out is beyond me , as for his shareholding now , if he gets discounted shares and finds a seller he will be quids in , its not really rocket science .
  6. The players have signed and sealed his fate , terrible performance
  7. Have to say as the second largest shareholder it's about time there was a seat on the board , I know this is controversial but no other shareholder of our size ,would put up with dealing with a club SLO .
  8. The biggest and latest disgrace is the RF life memberships which were allowed to be passed from one generation to the next , now die with the member , it's in the new articles , an absolute disgrace yet again
  9. £4 quid a week and like everyone else says it's a no brainer , also joined the Rangers youth development club , £25 a year for the first year £10 a year after that .
  10. The re writing of history by many when we are in trouble is laughable bordering on pathetic , 99% wanted rid of all Warburtons signings , O,Halloran never looked interested in playing for us and the jersey was way way to big for him , Waghorn is poor and could never break down a packed defence , Garner is a mid level championship player and at 31 is at his level even though I loved his desire . McKay was the only one I'm gutted about , he's class but didn't want to be here , we had no option but to sell him , yet putting the blame onto the manager is priceless . we are miles off where we need to be but every season we need to get stronger , after 3 league games I'm a lot happier than I was last year , the Hibs game we were cheated and against hearts we should have been 3 up after 15 minutes , I do agree Miller needs dropped but apart from that it's football get used to it .
  11. Unfortunately I am classed as a person of colour , try filling in a passport /driving licence/ official form and describe your ethneticity , you get white I get about a dozen choices , I'm just a mongrel in the system . Going back to the real issue , we slaughter them , quite rightly for the hypocrite s they are and call them out at every turn , so how can we even start to defend this cretin today , back in the bad old days , I was at parkhead that infamous day , and I would still be eating the bananas thrown at me that day , I fact I joke I saved Mark Walters from worse as I got it first . there are times I really wonder about al this whataboutery that goes on , right is right , wrong is wrong , we are meant to begetter than them , sometimes I wonder
  12. As a coloured Rangers fan , if I'd seen this Arse do it , I would have ripped his arms off and shoved them where the sun don't shine , anyone defending this are deluded and in the dark ages
  13. He should never have been allowed to read it at the club1872 meeting and its just as bad now , he continually makes it all about him instead of club1872 . Pathetic
  14. William Cowie stated that they have been signed off and return has been made .
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