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  1. Just got home from work and flicked on the audio feed from RTV, just in time for the final whistle. YA. FUCKING. DANCER!!!
  2. Missed the match due to my own colossal fuckup (all week long thought it was tomorrow and too busy w/ work to bother my arse to check in. Inexcusable but). Watching now on RTV - outrageous the amount of fouls Beaton allowed those cunts to get away with. SSDD, but still didn’t help them at the final whistle. Delightful result.
  3. Just finished The Boys on Amazon Prime. Fucking brilliant.
  4. If Morelos starts v the Scum then Gerrard needs being checked for Dementia.
  5. Thank the gods for the three. Absolutely brimming with confidence after witnessing that stunning display
  6. Free header, thank God missed. Criminal how open he was 😡
  7. Trying our best to toss away points here. Gee it up ffs!
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