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  1. I know, right? I mean, naebody here carries grudges so guess I’m just being silly.
  2. As a Rams fan, I have many reasons to loathe Brady. First and foremost is they never should have advanced to SB XXXVI in the first place; that Tuck Rule gift against the Raiders was a load of bollocks - it was as clear a fumble as you’ll ever see, and the only people that deny it are NE fans. Secondly, the officiating in that SB was so biased in NE’s favour as to be ridiculous; Pats held Faulk at the line of scrimmage all day; McGinest’s h-2-h hit on Warner after the ball was away that wasn’t called (on Ty Law’s INT pick six, which would have negated that score that ultimately was the differen
  3. Detest them both in equal measure, so I’m rooting for a massive sinkhole to swallow the stadium.
  4. Game’s getting chippy AF. Safe to say these two teams are not fond of each other. 😂
  5. Looks like it might be a Bridge Too Far for Buffalo. Mahomes is so damned hard to stop.
  6. Exactly. That 3rd Down Rodgers had a clear route to the EZ if he ran to his right instead of trying to pass it. Daft twat. Which is why I’ve decided to change his surname to Tadgers.
  7. Got the dry boke watching that finish. Feel the same about Bratty as I do about Scott Brown and Trump.
  8. Hate Brady with a passion, so of course I’ll have to see his coupon once again in the SB. 🤮🤮🤮 GB - useless team, horrible fing colours.
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