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  1. That video really summarises it pretty well. Hard to believe all within ten years.
  2. At 1-0 that game was worse than it seemed. If we'd won that 2-0 and had a gooal early second half it wouldn't be looked on as bad. in any case it is a win and that's all that matters.
  3. Not been that impressed with Zungu so far although I said the same about Davis until 4/5 games after he rejoined. honestly though i think he'll be off in the summer.
  4. kanjo

    Ryan Kent

    Kent wasn't at it today but that wasn't where our issues were. SG tinkered with the midfield far too much and it cost us.
  5. This is very poor. Absolute stupidity to change something mid season.
  6. kanjo

    Hibs Tv

    Ridiculous comments to make on a live stream.
  7. This would explain their montage of training videos shortly after their team were getting pics taken of them in bars.
  8. kanjo


    Tore them a new hole when he came lm today. That run at the end was brilliant and had become a comedy when Aribo started megging the junkies in the corner.
  9. Cannot imagine how i'll celebrate it if we win it. Will be up there possibly even at the top of the list of those celebrated.
  10. kanjo


    Well 'stupid' is either going to see us lose more goals to relegation clubs the way Balogun has tonight or it's going to look like egg on my face. i'll happily accept the latter but until then I stand by my point. Katic is better suited to a physical league albeit far less experienced. and before it's pointed out Helander starts before either of them.
  11. kanjo


    And Balogun is not? I reiterate my point. If you find my comparison funny in any little way then I am glad for you. I am furious.
  12. kanjo


    I'm glad someone finds it funny. I sure don't though.
  13. kanjo


    There's having a poor game against Benfica... then having a poor game against St Mirren. Helander starts going forward. As does Barisic.
  14. kanjo


    He was very poor. If that was Katic he'd be getting slated on here.
  15. Don't even know where to start here. Itten, Aribo, Balogun all awful amongst a team of passengers. Been here before and yet again out of a cup tournament with questions asked about bottle.
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