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  1. Loved the game so far. Just wished we could have seen Alfredo on and even more so with Sakala.
  2. Not seen much from either team to be honest. A full strength Rangers team should not be struggling against this. hopefully approach the games sensibly.
  3. Defo. We improved a lot between late August until late November but Coisty never had us ready for a European game that summer.
  4. Malmo will be a solid team but when push comes to shove we should have enough to see past them. If we dont beat them then we don't deserve to be there.
  5. Friendly or not I agree. We need another goalscorer in that team. Itten for me isn't looking any better than where he left last season.
  6. I really hope the sharpness in front of goal gets better over the next few weeks. Been pretty poor this even for a friendly.
  7. This. before 2012 i had always supported Scotland but that changed. Then, as you rightly point out the national team has been hijacked by Nationalists. It's a sad day that I barely flinched at full time yesterday but that's the sad reality of where Scotland is at as a country just now.
  8. My opinion of it is he wants to be the next manager at Rangers and he will go to any length to get there. i dislike Mulraney but I understand his decision.
  9. Kind of tells it's own story. Racism in Czech Rep is clearly not taken or viewed on seriously.
  10. The only celtic player you could argue is Edouard. How Ajer gets ahead of Helander is quite something
  11. Bomber is one of us. Gets hounded for that interview on the Ibrox steps but he loves the club as much as any of us. That interview with Tav made the celebrations that bit more special. if true on Goldson then it's excellent news.
  12. Their "we will make no further comment" statement clearly has another meaning. those f***ing guys eh.....
  13. Hard choice between Tav, Goldson and McGregor but went with Tav. He had captained us to one of (if not our most significant) title in decades and he deserves the praise which comes with that.
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