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  1. Covid was always going to be costly. As it has been for every club. That and our very poor second half of last season. Think those figures show that player sales are unfortunately a thing we need to get used to. If Morelos was sold for the £16m we were offered we'd have (I presume?) broke even. Would assume we are fine.
  2. Yep. There is a British style pub in La Vella which shows all the EPL games and Rangers games when they are on too. To say i felt gutted i was not the only Rangers man there on a non-game day is being polite!
  3. Always thought that a few times, too. I've been to NK on a weekend trip to and thought the exact same thing! More recently i was brought back down to earth with a bang though when i assumed (wrongly) to be the only bear in Andorra. Oh well....there is still The Vatican, Union Jack in hand
  4. the blade dosen't look sharp enough on the pic
  5. Foster has very good pace, he's better for us going forward than broadfoot would be so its a good choice.
  6. always fancied going there, got the NK world cup top, just could never be arsed with the whole going to china then onto NK nonsense.
  7. Hes right, Arsenal have a big history with Rangers. Sandy Jardine owns shares in them still i think. Never really use this link nonsense though, im proud to support Rangers alone.
  8. never liked spurs, though that comes with having a soft spot for the gunners
  9. was good because it was a dismal domestic season.
  10. or a banner saying "Welcome to Glasgow" with a big Chelsea badge and the premier league trophy.
  11. kanjo

    Third Kit

    not a bad top it has to be said.
  12. What does it say when Davie Weir was in a european cup final aged 38? Thats a better achievement than 99.8% of all british born footballers can say. Besides, Savage is just a never-was dobber who wishes he was the centre of attention.
  13. the value for £9 is good, russian league football is fantastic, but they show a few other leagues too. I refuse to pay it simply because i get it on the net
  14. I'm happy. Only annoyance was Thomson, but only because he was a future captain. We got some great players in, a winger, striker, goalscorer, and a utility player whos extremly fast.
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