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  1. Thank fuck. Hope he sticks with this team now and lets them build an understanding. Usually the goals we concede are ridiculous but fair play to that wanker for scoring a worldy. One in a million.
  2. He made a costly mistake. No one will be angrier right now than he is with himself. He has saved us so many points the last few years that I will not be blaming his one mistake on yesterday.
  3. We've had four years to find a suitable replacement and spent a lot of money doing it. A lot of questions need asked on our record for goal scorers.
  4. This. They were very average. We've played better teams from the bottom 6. Sadly, if we don't take our chances though we will get punished.
  5. How they left Ibrox with a point is why football is a game of miracles. Our form is really questionable just now.
  6. Some in the club deck line were asked. A few refused but most complied.
  7. My friend died of Covid fairly recently after not taking it. His mum did and she is fine. Not trying to be argumentative in saying this.
  8. Never seen this level of outrage from the junkies when Beaton cheated us against them a few years ago. You'd think there is some sort of debate on their red at the weekend reading their comments.
  9. Second half the best we've played all season. That must be the level going forward. No excuses.
  10. Constantly changing the team isn't helping either. Choose a favoured starting 11 and stick with it.
  11. It's getting ridiculous now. Clearly there is an issue and he needs to address it quickly. I've not known a Gerrard team to look as toothless as this.
  12. It's the same story since pre-season. We are not scoring anywhere near enough goals. That was a poor result to a very average team.
  13. Would rather we got back go normality with away fans tbh.
  14. Thank fuck for that. A few serious questions needing asked for that though. Enjoy your weekend bears 🇬🇧
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