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  1. It’s harmless for sure. Everyone can do whatever they chose to do with their time. there is very little difference between the two scenarios you explained here. Someone lurking in a celtic forum “since we played them” is not far removed from them signing up and trolling. That is also to assume that some Rangers fans are not doing the things you said. to each their own. As mentioned, I lurked on Kerrydale way back in the day but decided I had better things to do with my life. If folk want to spend their time lurking on Kerrydale they can fill their boots.
  2. I will admit to partaking of this back in the pre 2012 days. But I realised way back then how fucking sad it is. We mock them for being obsessed with us and then we have plenty within our support that display a similar obsession with them. I enjoy their pain as much as the next man but fuck spending my time lurking on their forums. Follow kerryfail, have a laugh and then get back to focussing on us.
  3. Benfica are the fourth biggest spending team in Europe. They are unquestionably a champions league team. The quality in their ranks is self evident. we are the second biggest spending team in Scotland. We have been put together on a comparative shoestring. Primarily Bosmans or injury prone or ageing or promising player. Not a single top class player in the prime of his career We got ourselves 2 goals up in both those games because of incredible work rate and the players knowing their jobs. We lost those two goal leads because the other team had better players than us who worked u
  4. And back in topic. I absolutely believe that crowds would make a difference. Wether that difference would be net positive or net negative is a really interesting debate. I have said often that I believe some of our players are questionable in the courage department. I think some of them struggle to cope with the demands of 50k fans “bearing” down on them. is it a coincidence that Tav is having his best run of form of his Rangers career? Is it coincidence that we have made almost no glaring errors that have led to goals? Correlation is not always causation but it is
  5. If you just think about the next game then the worries disappear. The club from top to bottom have this drilled into them. One game at a time. Every game a cup final. Every game as if it is the most important game of your life. You can see it, you can hear it and you can feel it. The mentality is spot on right now and as long as everyone at the club maintains that focus I don’t even think about January or beyond. Fuck January. 😂
  6. Redemption story is correct. He is playing top notch football right now and I agree he is one of our best players and probably our most important right now. However he has deserved the criticism in the past. He had the heart of a mouse and the mental fortitude of a soggy biscuit. I think of all our players he is possibly the one that is benefiting the most from no crowd pressure.
  7. Bakbear


    I have been a big critic of him in the past. Certainly not someone that can overlook his shortcomings easily. But he is clearly being asked to change his game and he is clearly doing what has been asked of him and, despite the lack of goals, it’s is clearly working. if he wasn’t doing what he was asked he would be dropped and if it wasn’t working we wouldn’t be scoring so freely. he is going to make mistakes because he is learning a whole new way of playing but the fact he is able to adapt will stand him in good stead. if he doesn’t score again for the rest of the
  8. Minus 10 would have been better
  9. Thought I was going mad then... Cole was substituted a few minutes after losing his man in the build up to their goal. Just checked the BBC, they scored in 79th Minute Cole was subbed in 82nd. It is a minor point but I was sure Cole had been skinned for it
  10. Interesting perspective but way off the mark in my opinion. Walter is playing the youngsters not because he trusts them but because he has no choice. Conversely, they are not failing to get first team exposure because he wants to stop the big bad EPL from luring them away, he doesn't play them because he trusts the experienced campaign hardened veterans. Always has, and frankly you cannot question it because no-one knows how to win the SPL better than Walter Smith. Unless I am mistaken no living manager has won the Scottish Championship more than he has? It was an interesting decision to play
  11. All this talk of moving to the premiership over the last few years is entirely driven by the modern fixation with short termism. Every single facet of human existence is now being driven by short term reward over long term strategy. Everyone wants everything immediately and fans look at the riches in the premiership and they want to be part of it. I agree, to some extent, with the OP. Although I will support Rangers as long as my arse is pointing to the floor, we should NEVER leave the Scottish league, we are a Scottish and British club and this is where we belong. Our game is going through a
  12. I cannot really believe that Walter is being criticized for the performance either last night or in general terms in this years CL. I, along with many others, have posted on here before about the reality of our current predicament. Many seem unable to grasp how far our ability on the pitch has fallen behind the big leagues. Last night Rangers fielded a threadbare team, made up of journeyman footballers, ageing talents and youthful prospects and matched a team who are, arguably, in the top 6 in world football. We held them for 177 minutes of football before an unlucky penalty award allowed them
  13. ah... I thought it was quite a bold statement for an ex official to be making... still... his windows will no doubt be under threat after that interview. Good to hear someone speaking sense
  14. "Neil the Manchild" ..... Ooph.... someone has a complete disregard for his double glazing
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