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  1. Not sure why but I considered age when I thought about this. Perhaps because we are very close to finding out what life is like after Davis and shagger? As others have pointed out Jon McLaughlin was a very able deputy to McGregor at the start of this season and I wonder how much different our league campaign would have been if he had been between the sticks instead? People saying good goalkeepers are hard to find, good center halves don’t grow on trees either, we have struggled for years to pick them up. There was a time Lee McCulloch was playing in there. (Or even Rob Kiernan) I vot
  2. Goldson for me.... He has played every single game... scored some good goals including a double against the scum... marshalled the defence superbly all year... maintained his levels throughout the season... Davis a close second but wasnt as consistent which is very understandable given his age and the international games he played. Tav played half the season really, incredible half season but half, none-the-less McGregor is the last line of defence and as such excelled only when everything else had been breached, always a great quality for a Rangers keeper. I imagine he faced t
  3. I agree with this. It is a hell of an achievement “if” he manages it. as much as I want us to win everything and as great a season as Our manager has had. Davidson would deserve manager of the year. plus, do you think Gerrard cares? He won’t be adding “Scotland Manager of the Year” to his CV to get his next job interview. Davidson very much will.
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