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  1. No beef with them if they want away to advance their careers and are being up front about it. But it’s shocking that we didn’t cash in on them in the summer if they were refusing to sign. Basic stuff for a club that intends to be self sustaining. We simply have to tie them up on long term deals or sell them for what we can get before moving into last year of contracts. Disappointed
  2. Rather weirdly it was Oleg Salenko with our goal in a defeat to Aberdeen in the Semi Final of the Coca Cola cup.
  3. It’s echo chambers. I think there is a very large majority that truly believe this stuff. They are lead by ringleaders who know it to be false but propagate the falsehood in pursuit of their own agenda. Make no mistake. Your average moonhowler passionately and unwaveringly believes all the negative shit about Rangers. They believe with their soul that we died in 2012, the believe entirely that we are the problem in Scotland’s divisions, they believe until their dying breath that we cannot be better than them without establishments and cheating. This is how propaganda works
  4. I have read it. I have listened to it. I have seen the tweets. They won’t give a toss about what has been dug up. It will be easily swept under the carpet.
  5. if the sum total of this “fight back” is the screen shotting of people calling us “H**” then this will fall flat. I would like to see a list of all the media in the Reach PLC so we can plan a boycott of all their outlets. Let them know it’s happening. https://www.reachplc.com I would like a list of all the advertisers in the Daily Record published so that the residents of Glasgow can contact the advertisers and let them know that as long as they advertise in the rhag, they will be subject to a boycott from all Rangers fans. And for the fans to follow through on it.
  6. But what does our club stand for? I don’t think it’s necessarily for PUL as many believe. Bear with me here. This is what I was talking about earlier about both sides getting entrenched in their views. There is a nuance between demanding parity and being unionist. There may come a time when the majority of Scots support independence. maybe not now, or even soon, but if it does come then Glasgow Rangers will still have a place in that society. If it does come I hope it is on the back of a political system that is rooted in optimism and inclusiveness with a view to promoting the best that the diverse people of Scotland have to offer. the SNP do not have that approach and in fact are unfit for office with an “independence at all cost” scorched earth policy. They are culpable in running the country into the ground and blaming “westmonster”. It is a cult that seeks to ostracise non-believers. It’s horrible. All politicians are cants. But this one party has amalgamated more than most and their track record has landed Scotland in a horrible state. Nationalism is never a good look and their tactics of attacking the “establishment” (read majority) to further their Indy agenda is abhorrent but …..unfortunately….. working.
  7. Because the attack vector is religion and anti-Irish ness. There is not really a discussion to be had without addressing Catholics and those of Irish descent. SNP lickspittles are trying to use that to tear down the British Institution that is Rangers.
  8. Not sure if you are actually interested in discussing this or, like so many in internet land, have already formed a view and will just put it out there to entrench that view and polarise the discussion? What the internet is very bad for is nuanced discussion. It’s one of the major ails of our society that environments where people could come together and have nuanced discussion and to see the perspective of others are now so rare. Nowadays every minor disagreement on views is a major schism in our society. I am going to share a dirty little secret, I have absolutely no beef with Catholics and I have no beef with the Irish. I am no fan of the Catholic church, as it happens probably one of the most brutal of all the cults, but I am atheist and I consider all religions more or less the same. I have some of my best friends from Ireland and aside from the fact they are mostly atheist they are also wonderful people. The mindset of the old days where we tended not to sign them and tended to frown upon intermarriage was a product of its day. There were reasons for it and reasons that we would struggle to grasp today. This propensity to judge historic behaviours by a yardstick of today’s standards is madness. Nowadays I don’t think many Rangers fans give a flying fuck about religion. But the anti-SNP sentiment from the Rangers support is not about “anti-Catholicism” or “anti-Irish”. That’s a narrative that is trying to be painted by the politicians. If the truth be absolute, it is not entirely about unionism either, although that is a consideration. The anti-SNP sentiment right now among the Rangers support is almost entirely about double standards. Rangers as a club and as a fan base have been targeted for the last 15 years by the government of their own country. Is it a coincidence that the government of this country has been the SNP for those 15 years? All sensible Rangers fans support the “everyone anyone” campaign. All sensible Rangers fans have left the sectarianism behind. All supports of all football clubs, just like society, have arseholes in their support. But only one club is being consistently targeted for that element of their support. Only one club is being constantly punished, defamed, denigrated and ostracised. When it was the lunatic fringe they were going after, there was little appetite to defend it, but now they are going after everyone and inventing offence for their own agenda. All Rangers fans demand is parity and equal treatment. Absence of parity speaks to bias and prejudice. That prejudice is not driven by tolerance and sanity or a desire to eradicate sectarianism. It is being driven for a political agenda perpetuated by the SNP, or perhaps more specifically “Sepetatists”. The Separatists hate Rangers. They hate the quintessential Britishness of the club. They hate the Union Flag. They hate the Queen on our dressing room wall. They hate us singing GSTQ. If you can’t see that I don’t know what you are looking at. Rangers don’t hate the SNP and Rangers fans obviously vote for them because otherwise they wouldn’t be in power, but make no mistake they hate Rangers and the hate and campaigning is escalating and coming out of the shadows so that it is now overtly ok to hate all things British and actually consider being British as being racist and xenophobic. That’s the narrative being pushed. It won’t be long before the Union Flag is considered a racist symbol. No one can tell another person who to vote for. That’s a personal decision. Football and politics SHOULD be different but it’s not Rangers fans who are bringing the politics into football. You need to consider what’s important to you and evaluate what kind of society you want to live in, and vote for those that most closely match your values. However, I can completely understand the confusion of many people who see the disparity of treatment of the football club they love by this government, and question how others can reconcile that treatment with their own values. You have to remember that even if people are no longer religious, or even care about religion, they still have many of the values instilled in them from those times. Honesty, integrity, hard work, loyalty, fairness. All that being considered, is it beyond comprehension that Rangers Fans, who make Rangers an enormous part of their life, can reach a position where they are unable to reconcile voting for a party that is so determined to tear down that club?
  9. It’s us that keep him relevant bu responding to him, following him and arguing with him. Dignified silence is a shite approach but he is just the type of oxygen thief that you need to ignore.
  10. The club you support shouldn’t dictate the political party you vote for. But the SNP hatred of all things Rangers and their constant attacks on the club and it’s supporters is surely a consideration? How Can you stand shoulder to shoulder with your fellow fans, be subjected to marginalisation, othering and dehumanising and think, “aye this is the party for me”
  11. As enjoyable as this all is, there are only two things that are going to bring about meaningful change. One is voting the SNP out of government and the other is regime change in the SPFL. Everything else is just window dressing really.
  12. The sheer volume of Rangers hating employees of the Record and Mail is staggering.
  13. Said it for years but we never seem to get riled up enough. It feels like now is the time. It’s easy to say but doesn’t seem so easy to bring into reality.
  14. There is no doubt about that. I wouldn’t have rejoined if I thought he was just a chancer trying to take the blue pound. (Which he jokes about often). I rejoined because he represents my views as a Rangers fan. I believe he needs to win this battle and I want to be sure even if the club distance themselves, he continues to be a voice for the fans.
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