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  1. Sorry mate but it’s just shite patter. It’s ok, we have all done it. Made a joke that sounded funny in our head but it just came out cringey. Maybe just not so high profile though. The thread in off topic is full of class banter and piss taking which hits the right tone. There is some awful stuff there too mind. But this is just pish about a guy who has had two bad games and has plenty time to rub it in your face.
  2. Thing is, not only is it massively premature, its also pish patter. The players and coaching staff seem to have learned a very hard lesson last year and to a man they are talking about being humble and keeping our feet on the ground,...nothing won in October... He who laughs last, laughs longest, and when the time comes, I hope our banter is much better than this
  3. Absolutely love Ally McCoist. Said so many times through his disastrous managerial stint. I was born in 76 and McCoist was my hero right through to my university years. I don’t remember Greig at all and very little of Cooper so in my time McCoist would be the greatest Ranger. If it is true that he refused to surrender our titles in that five way agreement pish then he should be getting a statue or something. I still think there is much more to come from that period of history and frankly I think there were many good Rangers men who took money that we, as fans, feel th
  4. Fair enough. I guess it depends on the definition of a marquee signing. Delighted to have gotten Hagi, just feel we need a more established midfield addition. I don’t know anything about Zungu and it seems very few on here do either. I would have been far happier had we been able to identify and bring in a tried and tested player that we all could have been excited by. That would have been marquee for me. We have strengthened the squad and got rid of deadwood but I rated it a 6 because I don’t think we have added enough for the starting 11. Our first choice back 5 a
  5. 6. Needed a better midfield option. Think we as fans needed a marquee signing after qualifying for group stage. Great we moved some on but think we still have too much mediocrity. we are still relying on essentially the same players as last season.
  6. Agreed but just elaborating on what others have said about the mentality of our players and how an empty stadium may actually be helping them as the pressure is less
  7. This is exactly the kind of game that the players will live having the stands empty. The crowd would let them know that this is not acceptable
  8. Bakbear

    Heads up

    If. And it’s a big if. But if, we can stop the ten this year I will be Blootered for days. HS was fucking brilliant but winning this year In any style would beat it.
  9. Again, it always has to be extremes doesn’t it. It’s either a massive illuminati conspiracy or it’s nothing. If you don’t think there are significant “anti- Rangers” agendas being driven forward, let alone pro-scum, then I don’t know what to tell you. it doesn’t have to be a massive JFK conspiracy, it’s just the many many haters we have picked up over the decades attacking our club and everyone associated. If they can chase out Gerrard they will.... just like they tried with Souness and just like they succeeded with some of our less prestigious managers like Le Guen and Cai
  10. Helander had a brilliant start to the game and the season.
  11. Don’t think we should be sacking Gerrard just yet and folk saying he is not a winner need to have a word. However, the board have backed this management team to the hilt and we are seeing the same script unfold as the last two seasons. It’s just not good enough. Livingston set out their stall as we knew they would and we approached it the same way we always do. The manager needs to get more adventurous and aggressive or we won’t win the league.
  12. Really? How are the front 3 meant to create with no service? They are dropping deep to get the ball but then there is no one turning the defensive lines. the front three need to be turning the defence and in order to do so the midfield need to be making forward passes. Our fullbacks make plenty of crosses which the cloggers of Scottish football lap up, we need the central midfielders to carve open the defensive line with fast positive attacking passes
  13. Interesting that folk are singling out Jack, i thought both were pish, both played backwards passes constantly and anything forward missed its target. I genuinely would not have said one was worse than the other both pish only one should start. don't care which one but in order for only one to start we need to change formation and tactics
  14. I have a problem with them both starting.
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