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  1. And back in topic. I absolutely believe that crowds would make a difference. Wether that difference would be net positive or net negative is a really interesting debate. I have said often that I believe some of our players are questionable in the courage department. I think some of them struggle to cope with the demands of 50k fans “bearing” down on them. is it a coincidence that Tav is having his best run of form of his Rangers career? Is it coincidence that we have made almost no glaring errors that have led to goals? Correlation is not always causation but it is
  2. If you just think about the next game then the worries disappear. The club from top to bottom have this drilled into them. One game at a time. Every game a cup final. Every game as if it is the most important game of your life. You can see it, you can hear it and you can feel it. The mentality is spot on right now and as long as everyone at the club maintains that focus I don’t even think about January or beyond. Fuck January. 😂
  3. Redemption story is correct. He is playing top notch football right now and I agree he is one of our best players and probably our most important right now. However he has deserved the criticism in the past. He had the heart of a mouse and the mental fortitude of a soggy biscuit. I think of all our players he is possibly the one that is benefiting the most from no crowd pressure.
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    I have been a big critic of him in the past. Certainly not someone that can overlook his shortcomings easily. But he is clearly being asked to change his game and he is clearly doing what has been asked of him and, despite the lack of goals, it’s is clearly working. if he wasn’t doing what he was asked he would be dropped and if it wasn’t working we wouldn’t be scoring so freely. he is going to make mistakes because he is learning a whole new way of playing but the fact he is able to adapt will stand him in good stead. if he doesn’t score again for the rest of the
  5. Minus 10 would have been better
  6. Rangers have NOT punched above their weight to win back to back titles. what a load of utter tosh.... we ARE the heavyweight in domestic terms... we are the benchmark, no other team came close to us last season domestically and we were on for a treble in all of the last three seasons... This myth that we are a diddy team performing miracles to win our league seems to have been fabricated and then perpetuated by even some of our own fans. We have the best players in this league. We have the best manager in this league.
  7. Murray has not been our benefactor for 20 years. Owner yes, but benefactor, no. Important distinction... I am no Murray fan.... my poorly communicated point was that I would rather have Murray as the owner than some self serving property developer without clear and open intentions.... I may be doing Ellis a disservice but as with the Manager, in troubled and uncertain times, better the devil you know....
  8. My my, aren't we all a bunch of drama queens... I honestly don't know what people watch on TV these days but presumably its shite like 24 and The Wire.... maybe some people should spend a wee bit more time reading about the economy and what's going on in the real world... The bit I have highlighted in bold above would appear to me to be an interesting work of revisionist history. Barry Fergusons time at Rangers was over, it was in the best interests of everyone that he went Chris Burke was an injury prone inconsistent winger who could not deliver a final ball and who had an incredibly annoyin
  9. .gif" /> I have a dream... that one day all countries are nothing but regurgitated versions of my own country.... I dream that they all have 5 star hotels and speak the Queens English... that they all dress the way we do and that they understand the proper way to do things.... a McDonalds on every corner and a Starbucks in every shopping mall.... Heineken in the beach bars and pizza and fish and chips in the restaurants... They will all drive cars that are no more than 5 years old and they will observe proper driving etiquette... the locals will not pester me to try and get me to buy whate
  10. Always thought I liked Nacho, this video reminds me that it might have been more like man love.... great video... great memories.... sorry he has left the club. I have yet to watch the Fiorentina Penalty without getting goose bumps.... Don't know what the issue was with his contract offer but I am sorry that we could not reach agreement with him because he was great to have around the squad and always had the potential to come on and change the game.... a true character of our squad and I can't think of any other larger than life personalities left at our club
  11. .gif' alt='default_f_doh.gif' alt='doh'>.gif'> I have a dream... that one day all countries are nothing but regurgitated versions of my own country.... I dream that they all have 5 star hotels and speak the Queens English... that they all dress the way we do and that they understand the proper way to do things.... a McDonalds on every corner and a Starbucks in every shopping mall.... Heineken in the beach bars and pizza and fish and chips in the restaurants... They will all drive cars that are no more than 5 years old and they will observe proper driving etiquette... the locals will not
  12. I was a huge Kris Boyd fan, have defended him on numerous occasions on here. However I accepted that he was moving on ages ago. When he scored the 5 goals against DU, I felt that he was done. He wanted to beat Larssons record and he wanted 100 league goals for Rangers and apart from that he was looking for the next pay packet. This time last year, had someone told me that Boyd would be gone at the end of the season then I would have been gutted. I am more comfortable with it now than even I could have envisaged. I have already moved on to the possible combos we can have without him. Lafferty
  13. Didn't vote... I think the problem is certain "journalists" rather than specific papers. The standard of sports journalism in Scotland is appalling. And we are complicit in the problem by continuing to buy their pish. Any old journalist prints any old pish to try and sell papers and then we mindlessly go out and hoover it up. We are outraged by the anti-Rangers stuff and we cheer any anti-Celtic stuff... albeit that the latter has been in the minority in recent years. What needs to happen is a.) we need to stop buying this pish and challenge all blatant lies, b.) insist that our club takes act
  14. Some fans just live in the world of "what might of been" rather than the world of what actually is. There is a strong argument that had we had a more adventurous manager than Smith then we might have won the Uefa cup, there is a strong argument that says had we had a manager more inclined to play youth, then some players would have made it here instead of plying their trade in the Championship. Going further back many people still blame Walter for his negative tactics and stubborn use of ageing and tiring players costing us 10 in a row... The Beauty of these arguments is that they cannot be co
  15. Indeed. So if people want to know what it will be "like" after you die just cast your mind back to what it was "like" before you were born.... remember that? No? Exactly. You did not exist until you were born, you will cease to exist when you die. You are a collection of particles brought together through a series of chemical reactions and you will continue to be a collection of particles that breakdown through a series of chemical reactions.... Its all about Chemistry :-)
  16. That may have been an argument had he not also said that he will be taking a step down and that any club that will come in for him will be a smaller club than Rangers... He is not happy where he is, whether that is because of money, or because of the support being so divided over him or because he has had a gut-full of being dropped for certain games... whatever.... he is not happy and he is moving on, the club are wishing him well after trying to flog him before.... he cost 400k scored a tonne of goals and he goes on his way.... I am so over Kris Boyd now, he is consigned to our history book
  17. Just saw this, McCoist peak years were smack bang in the middle of our wealthiest period and in a period when the English game was struggling. The Scottish game was easily on a par with the English game and indeed because of a lack of European involvement, Rangers were seen as a great option for England based players. Hence the reason we attracted Terry Butcher. That signing was the equivalent of Signing a 28 year old John Terry... just wouldn't happen now. Anyway this meant that we were not a selling club we were a buying club. Many of the accusations levelled at Boyd were also levelled at Mc
  18. Haven't read the whole thread but reading Boyds comments I think the message is pretty clear. He repeatedly says he wants to be enjoying his football, the suggestion of course being that he is not enjoying his football here. He always looks pretty miserable on the pitch and appears to be a man with a real chip on his shoulder. Now given that the club tried to sell him to Birmingham and that he has always been left out of the crucial games against the bigger teams and that when included he has often failed to deliver, really what is all the fuss about? He doesn't like being here anymore, Walte
  19. Good Thread I do not understand how fans who have never been involved in top flight football think they know more than people who have been around the game for decades Similarly, I do not understand why the Media get away with murder, journalists who know absolutely nothing get paid money to invent utter claptrap and are still invited freely into press conferences and given interviews, get them to fuck... As others have mentioned, I do not understand why Scottish players are so inferior to Spanish, Italian, German, English, surely to god we can nurture SOME talent from the hundreds of thousand
  20. As Outlaw says, I am not sure that is a fact that he put any of his own personal money in to clear debt? If he did then I stand corrected, if he has put in cash from his personal wealth that he subsequently is not ever going to see again then fair play to him... he is not the only one to have done this is he? Dave King invest some money, as have others in the last 20 years... however none of Murrays successes nor his failures should be looked at in isolation. I have mentioned that he has made mistakes and that some of them are perfectly understandable, he has also made some rather contentious
  21. Good God.... Some arguments just wont quit..... David Murray came in to Rangers, continued the revolution that had been kicked off when Souness was brought in and provided the leadership that wound up with 9 in a row. He might not have personally paid for it but he took a hand in it that you, me and any other Rangers supporter would liked to have done, if we were lucky enough to have the means.... He had never been a football man and he was never a Rangers man.... He took the club on for reasons only he can communicate but probably won't because his detractors will only call him a liar anyw
  22. we need to be wary of the wee fucker as their manager 7 wins on the bounce in the league, knows the scottish game and whats required in the players to succeed he wont be as bad as some think Wise words.... I am concerned about the fighting spirit he has instilled in that spineless bunch of losers he inherited from Monkeyheid... could be a case of careful what you wish for.... we played well tonight but Celtic worked their arses off and I don't think they would have done the same under Mowbray
  23. If this season has taught me anything its that individuals mean nothing ... its team work and togetherness that counts... Bougie is too often not around when he is needed... we need people that are committed to the cause, ffs a 40 year old has not missed a single minute of our SPL season yet Bougie has missed 3/4 of the OF games and a good few crunch games... get shot of him for as much as we can get, we can replace him with a more committed Center Half
  24. It's quite simply a question of whether or not the fans/opposing team are big enough to congratulate their opponent despite the rivalry. Example's are Ronaldinho getting a standing ovation at the Bernabeu after trouncing them 3-0 single handedly, Fergie making his players welcome Chelski on to the pitch with a Guard of Honour, after they clinched the league under Jose....... in other words its a show of class, thats why it won't happen mid-week. Ok... but has it happened before? Have we done it for them? Is it a tradition? Never heard of this before....
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