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    You shouldn't need to buy an adapter to run it in the UK. All you have to do is cut off the old German plug and replace it with a Uk one. The voltage is the same.
  2. try here, http://www.rslinks.org/ You'll need a rapidshare account but because you are downloading from rapidshares servers it is a lot quicker that bit torrent.
  3. joo.net is one of the best quality movie sites on the net.
  4. SlipDigby


    The wii is a great console but like a few people have already said there are hardly any decent games for it. I Have a 360 and a wii and I would recommend the 360 just because of the better range of games for it. Gears of War is worth the price of the 360 alone.
  5. You don't get protestant schools. You probably went to a non-denominational school which means you could be any religion to there.
  6. Hello. It's great to finally find a quality Rangers Forum!
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