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  1. I do wonder if perhaps a draw back of having so many continental players in the team is that they value European success above domestic ... I don't see how we can go to Holland and win 4-0 but can't get the points at easter road if the attitude and application for 90 minutes remained the same
  2. I never knew that about him ... his parents were Scottish weren't they?
  3. He also believed that some deceased pilots came to him after being shot down but is that any reason to write him out of history? Are we to ignore and not use Kepler's laws because a lot of what he believed was nonsense?
  4. As David Niven said at the end of the movie "they can't take the spitfires Mitch"
  5. I always remember years ago I was watching a royal wedding on the television and during the preamble the beeb were showing great and the good taking their seats and they zoomed in on this tall elderly man and the commentator had no idea who he was. A few seconds later after checking the seating plan he said that is Sir Hugh Dowding who was involved in the Battle of Britain. Unbelievable this guy was a 20th century Nelson and yet he was virtually anonymous
  6. Just wondering if we have any ideas? I think since the founders were rowers what could be better than a boat race on the clyde If it was held at the start of the closed season we could make it forwards in one boat against defenders in another ... perhaps even with Stevie G and Gary Mac coxing . They could go off just as the tide is turning the way the oxbridge crews do down south to get that extra turn of speed So a great day of publicity for the club and a fitting tribute to where it all began for the famous Glasgow Rangers
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