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  1. I think only finishing this game with a 2 goal victory shows we lack the killer instinct because it should have been more. Indeed perhaps this is why we lost the 2 cups last season? I can't help feeling that when we smell blood we tend to take a step back but a killer instinct will always drive forward when the opponent begins to weaken.and IMO we just don't show enough of that
  2. Mark Hately was saying on the BBC that he thinks Stevie G will stay until the end of his contract because when he signed it he challenged himself to make as much progress as possible for 4 years and so he won't just walk away. I suppose even though the Saudi's have a shed loads of money they may not have an attitude conducive to running a successful football club in the west and if Gerrard ties his flag to that mast his reputation will go down along with Newscastle is it doesn't work out. I always think it pays to be a little wary of backers who arrive from far away with so much money because perhaps they think it's their prerogative to change many things about the club that the supporters have grown up with ... for example the name of the ground or even the name of the club? Perhaps they would even try and change the stripes on the jersey to green because that was Muhammad's favourite colour and the national colour of Saudi? Were Cardiff not supposed to be changing their strip colour from blue to red under pressure from rich foreign owners?
  3. Although he has certainly made improvements I doubt 1 trophy in 3 years in a pretty poor league would get much interest from the top table
  4. If we keep winning timothy will crumble again but if we keep dropping points all we are doing is giving them something to aim at ... it's been a really poor start to the season Malmo set the tone and so far nothing has changed
  5. It doesn't help that at the moment we need a barrowload of chances to get 1 goal and so the goal keeping performance has to be virtually flawless for us to get the points ... but a bit like prime ministers a lot of football players eventually have to be pushed because they just can't see the signs until it's too late
  6. I don't know if the big offer really was on the table but if it was we really should have taken it. His ambition evaporated as soon as we gave him that pay increase and now going that extra yard with us or going to a bigger league don't appear matter to him
  7. Blohm & Voss builders model
  8. Good to have a big game to come back to after the international snoozefest
  9. Pity they wouldn't ban sectarian schools
  10. At last it looks like justice is to be done just a pity it's taken so long
  11. With that money they could just about get any manager in the world ... it will be spectacular because they will set the bench mark right from the start with the first few signings just like we did in Scotland back in 86 with Butcher and Woods
  12. Yes but they have never been owned by the richest family in the world before ... all be it they are a bunch of gangsters
  13. Perhaps it's just one of those opportunities you would always regret not taking because there must be only a handful of clubs in the world who have that sort of budget BUT has he really won enough in a pretty poor league to get a job like that? Even his undoubted European success has only been Europa League
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