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  1. Read your pm's Thermo!

  2. Haha. These dastardly things are a curse from my creator himself.

  3. Oh I dunno about that. A good sausage always puts you in good stead! :craphead:

    (they dont work but i did it anyway)

  4. So whits happening with this date then Thermo? You treating me to a Mario's and a walk round the golfy or what!?

  5. People will be spreading rumours.

    "Jemima has been cheating on Thermopylae with that Steve bastard!"

  6. Now you say that I can see it ... ok it's Jemima and Thermopylae the IT couple for 2011 :-)

  7. I'm more of a Jemima, don't you think?

  8. I'll get big Andy Fordham knockers and come back!

  9. Haha! I'll let you off this time! :P

  10. How come I never get suggestive PM's from you Thermo? Sake, man!

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