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  1. Gordon Duncan said on sunday that lee griffiths was a hail mary substitute ... wff!
  2. Tim on the other night saying they have put barricades along the front of porkheed but have left the shop clear so they can still spend their money
  3. I suppose the downside of not having a lot of money to spend is that you tend to either get players who are on their way up and haven't yet won anything or you get ones who are talented but haven't managed to convert that talent into silverware ... either way you have a team who needs to become acquainted with winning which as we are seeing can take time
  4. It's always important to get the first silverware in the cabinet the best thing that the Souness team did was win the first league cup because that started the momentum going in the right direction
  5. I'm always a bit suspicious when players save their best for Europe ... how can we top our Europa league one week and then crash out of the league cup to St Mirren the next
  6. We seem to be good at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory which is a worry
  7. I thought they had just turned the corner? Looks like it's into another cul de sac
  8. Like a big rotting carcass on London road
  9. Dedicated to popcorn teeth and the bhoys
  10. celtic soup now that would be a big seller
  11. Another big fat UEFA cheque on the fire
  12. Maroon ribbons on the cup https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B4tmRLfuVVM
  13. There are times when living close to hampden isn't so good the first thing I saw when I opened my curtains this morning was a car load of tims drivig past ... reminds me of the old joke what's the difference between a celtic supporters bus and a hedgehog and the answer is with the hedgehog the pricks are on the outside
  14. Looks like he's on the phone to Samaritans
  15. It's always going to be a bit of bottleneck because of where it is and only having a few exits onto the road
  16. So numberger is a tranny then ... what a homely looking broad!
  17. Virtually every night the first 45 minutes of the show on clyde is septic so I just stay on LBC for politics now which is a bit of a wrench because I was a listener to superscoreboard since the days of Jimmy Sanderson but enough is enough!
  18. Glad he's won but would be even gladder if he paid us some tax
  19. People in his position usually stay too long because they are their work and if that is taken away they become (at least in their own minds) not even half the person they used to be
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