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  1. Fucking stand up tall, shoulders back, chests out ............ that will sort them out (older bear here!)
  2. fitalspark

    Max Murray

    I vaguely recall that he was related to Scot Symon - possibly a nephew of the manager?
  3. Tickets now available for online purchase on the Club website - so the game must be on.
  4. Great to see Ronnie McKinnon there - loved watching him late in the good old days. Govan lad, ex-Benburb if I recall correctly too.
  5. Wellsaid - we're all in this together. And we'll come out the other side stronger.
  6. I agree with this. I thought he reminded me of Alex McDonald at times. If he can bring a fraction of that guy's skills to the team then he's worth a run.
  7. OK - we need to get into the CL for the £18m that's been quoted - and is sorely needed by the Club. So why do we give these guys a 3/4 week holiday at the end of the season? And then we struggle to get match fit? We were flyng at the end of last season, so why not keep that level of performance ticking over for few more weeks by playing friendlies during the so-called holiday period? Then we go into the CL qualifiers still at a good level of match fitness, and we have a good chance of grabbing the £18m. Share out some of the CL money to compensate the players who don't get a holiday. Simples
  8. Definitely Bobby Watson on the left - we were at school together early/mid-sixties (Govan High). He was still at Ibrox in 1972 when we won in Barcelona - he pops up in one or two photographs of the squad in the days after the Final.
  9. Old Git Loyal here - what about Bobby Watson? Reserve keeper in Barcelona?
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