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  1. Another win, not at our best by long way but hey ho 👍🍻
  2. Telling facts as it is and people get upset about it...only in Scotland!! When the gaffer leaves, ( hopefully not for a couple of more years) I hope he doesnt miss any of them and exposes the rancid, tinpot element to the world media as he is subtly just now😁😁
  3. From BBC Sport site as dont want them to get hits There will be no fans inside Hampden Park for next month's Scottish Cup final. The 22 May showpiece will be held just three weeks before 12,000 supporters will be able to watch Scotland's first match at the European Championships inside the same stadium. But the ground comes under Uefa event control from 14 May. And Europe's governing body will have already started preparation work for Euro 2020 before the final. The Scottish government on Wednesday gave approval for Hampden to accommodate 25% of the stadium's capacity
  4. So the snooker is gonna have full capacity for the final in May? An indoor arena and correct me if I'm wrong, the fans are usually wedged in together at the crucible? But you cant have at least50% in a big stadium outdoors where you could ensure some sort of distancing?
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