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    GTA V

    So after the first heist bringing in a bit of money. I splashed out £240, 000 on a motor. Plus £90, 000 on customisation. While out cruising, I noticed a drunk chap wanting me to give him a lift home in his car. Being helpful I parked my car and drove him home in his. Went back, my car is gone. It has not turned up at the impound. Raging. Lesson is to only steal cars and don't help people.
  2. I'm 29, I remember buying the original grand theft auto for my pc back in the day.
  3. Bakoni

    GTA V

    On my way home to, hopefully start playing. Not everyone is so lucky... http://m.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-24127999
  4. Bakoni

    GTA V

    According to royal mail tracker, mine is delivered. Just need time at uni to hurry up
  5. Bakoni

    GTA V

    Ordered mine from Amazon. Royal mail tracker says it is at the depot ready for delivery. It better be there when I get back from uni.
  6. I was fairly certain that Boyd would sign in the summer. With Sandaza now also gone, we need a few options up front. I expect Boyd to sign. Hopefully a couple of other forwards with pace and movenent. No doubt Boyd will be frustrating at times next season and anonymous at others. But I'd bet on him being our top goal scorer next season.
  7. http://forum.rangersmedia.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=249099#entry1060877384
  8. £450 for uefa cup final. I travelled to Preston on the train and met some guy there. Dodgy as fuck, but worked out fine. Paid him £900 for 2 tickets.
  9. Big 5 mins there. Penalty save then the 2nd goal. That should secure another 3 points.
  10. Flying to Dubai later today. I shall be along on Sunday for the Clyde game.
  11. Bakoni

    ResidentEvil 6

    I've just run through resi 4 again. It's got my excited for this. But will it be a let down?
  12. It's the new Nintendo console. Will replace the wii as their main console.
  13. As I've returned to skint student times I can't afford much. Had it been a couple of years ago, would have been 500-1000.
  14. Bakoni

    ps3 help

    Ha, I just noticed this said napkins! Should be Maplins!
  15. No doubt they will do just enough, but it would rather amusing if they didn't win. Not sure who I'd want to win instead though. Hate the lot of them!
  16. Bakoni

    ps3 help

    If its overheating, you can test the fan. Hold both the on/off sensor and the eject disc sensor at the same time. It will blow a lot of built up dust out too. Like someone else mentioned I also have a can of compressed air. I got it from napkins, but you can also get some in a tesco with an electronics section. I use it to clear dust out of my ps3, laptop and phone.
  17. I don't think it should be up to Miller to retire from international football. He should not be picked ahead of the other options we have available.
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