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  1. Some people might think he's mainly loved because he became one of us as a fan but Nacho made plenty of genuine and important contributions on the pitch. Can't be understated how he always gave 100% as well even when he was struggling talent wise in spells
  2. More to come from us yet there was never any doubt who was winning was there?
  3. Why is everyone going on about a ballot for the tarriers? I know you never know these days but has there been any suggestion about the 9th August reopening being delayed at the moment?
  4. Got one through today, horrific seat selection
  5. Nae email, least I got to return last Sunday though and hopefully the last time home games need to be balloted anyway
  6. Let me go on and buy two Madrid about an hour ago was only looking out of curiosity as well System is a shambles
  7. Am I reading right that some of them are actually getting exited at playing a bit better than they expected the other night? Deluded fucks
  8. Got family using my ticket for Brighton as can’t make it, no sign of any time slot for showing up on the email with the QR code so people ok to show up whenever?
  9. ST holders who didn’t tick the friendly box have been getting Real Madrid emails
  10. This really doesn’t bode well for loyalty points being used to allocate away game applications
  11. That is utterly bizarre mate shame for C in particular
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