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  1. He’s given us a lot but the chances missed this season so far are proving to be a real let down
  2. It was bad but the ultimate issue was the game not being killed well before then especially when it’s not the first time this season we’ve left ourselves in that position
  3. First time I actually applied for an away game this season and got it, hopefully start getting the points built up after dropping from gold to silver over the course of being locked out for a year
  4. He knows it’s been a more difficult season so far and that win was absolutely massive
  5. Became a whipping boy too easily for many
  6. Tough watch at times but very good three points always likely to be a more difficult away game
  7. Had a week and a half from hell, that’s given me some boost
  8. I'm concerned by the start to the season but we really need to give it a few more games before some of the panic
  9. It’s a bad start to the season and can’t be accepted but as usual its the one extreme or another
  10. Though we might never see this again at some points in this shitshow, glorious
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