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  1. It’s not overnight though we’re three seasons in
  2. Huge words considering the levels he played at
  3. In many ways it’s a good thing we aren’t relying on him as much now
  4. I hear what you’re saying 100% but he’s been given quite a bit of time and backing, this third season we really need to win the league I’ll be the first to call for Gerrard’s knighthood if we do win it but it’s a fine line between success and failure as has always been the case at Rangers
  5. That will be judged at the end of the season
  6. Thought we’d blown the chance to progress out the groups that night, followed up with the brilliant Porto results though
  7. We’ve gotten results against a standard of team that we’ve struggled against in Europe before with much more expensive and experienced squads It comes down to domestic trophies ultimately and that’s where success will be measured but no denying Gerrard has shown a brilliant ability to make us competitive in Europe
  8. Throw Edmundson in as well and see if anyone notices
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