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  1. Stretching into next season would be best now surely Stopping it was a stupid pointless decision all about being seen to be 'doing something'
  2. Up there without a doubt, other strikers have won more with us but 55 is such a special landmark
  3. Losing track of your new usernames D
  4. Patterson now that the road to redemption has started
  5. And that’s where it matters most now since the league is done
  6. Keep his head down and he has a real future here
  7. Dropping him has done a world of good for Kent
  8. Think it’s just the kind of thing that gets said in the euphoria tbh
  9. Whatever your personal views about what should have happened here we can trust Gerrard’s judgement
  10. He’s a gem of a footballer for us and that’s never been in doubt despite some turning against him so easily
  11. This team is something special, resources of some teams mean we’re likely to get put out at some point but no reason we can’t go into any game and be confident of putting up a fight at least
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