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  1. Italy play some nice football but no doubt bigger tests than Turkey await, can see Wales even giving them a tougher game
  2. Signed up to the Tifosy profile, is the documents section with passport etc needed?
  3. Context is everything mate, it might be one title win on the face of it but it meant so much
  4. Dreading this tournament being overshadowed by debates about taking the knee now Just want to watch some football
  5. As far as I’m concerned every player who helped win 55 is a legend It was that important
  6. I’m excited about Patterson and it gives us something of a rotation option but anyone talking about wanting to sell Tav needs a lie down
  7. Shame to lose him from our set up but more than understandable for him to want to start his own career as a main man, and Kelty Hearts seems a good choice going by Barry's stint there
  8. They were a better team than many expected but we were not at our best over those two legs, second one in particular there was a hangover from the league being won clearly
  9. Not a given but Gerrard's record in European qualifiers is immense so i'm confident
  10. See Patrick Harvie who was as sanctimonious as any politician against us has been caught breaching Covid regulations
  11. Disagree, these CL qualifiers are crucial and we need as strong a squad as possible
  12. Remember this issue pretty much ending Craig Moore’s Rangers career Club has to be prioritised first and foremost and Hagi would need to accept it
  13. Don’t really care and dislike the fans. I will actually be at the Hampden games because I bought tickets from Uefa ages ago before it was known who was qualified. Going to laugh at the tartan army travelling types who miss out while I go along as a neutral.
  14. Harry Kane wanting away Fancies winning something clearly
  15. What’s the odds on Rangers being blamed for extended level 3 in Glasgow then?
  16. It’s about double standards always has been
  17. Better not be working tomorrow sir!
  18. It means everything, now we go again for next season
  19. Been a big critic of Dave King at times but it’s a shame he couldn’t have been there yesterday
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