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  1. Sounds like a bit of a scorched earth approach you have there. While football has become very heavily money based it’s not a totally closed shop and anyone can at least dream in theory even if the odds are stacked against With this route the ladder is getting pulled up completely and it’s heading towards American franchise territory where there’s no sporting merit involved at all
  2. The solution to that isn’t to make things a million times worse
  3. Was at the midden that day with all their banners and pish, would be collectors items now
  4. Leicester have been champions of England far more recently than Arsenal and Tottenham yet they'd never get a chance to play in this thing Sums up how farcical it is
  5. There's speculation UEFA are suspending this seasons Champions League in response
  6. Seen it pointed out money and greed isn't a new thing in football, it obviously isn't even going back to before Sky involvement etc but this is crossing a massive line UEFA, FIFA, domestic associations need to have a spine in their responses to this or we may as well waive goodbye to football as we know it
  7. The domestic associations will most likely kick these clubs out if it goes ahead, they simply can't be seen to accommodate something like this that leaves so many others behind
  8. The gift that keeps on giving this season, penalty save summed it up
  9. Not over quite yet but professional display is all we need and it’s ours
  10. Gutted for him but for the best to get him going for next season
  11. Hangover going into work on Monday, from my bed to the living room
  12. Cannot wait to get back in will be some moment
  13. Looking forward to this, keeps our head in the game even with the league wrapped up
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