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  1. that million ways to die in the west is actually pretty funny. with all the BTTF refrences and skits in FG and AD, i was expecting something to happen............the end credits though LOL
  2. my fricken god, stephs tits look like they've gotten bigger, and her arse oh my
  3. LOL however tonights episode, you've got to be fucking kidding WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
  4. Drew McIntyre (kinda gutted) Jinder Mahal (mehhh) Aksana (i liked her)
  5. well thats to be expected when they changed his music, since that moment the whole gimmick doesn't fit that song they have for him now.
  6. the way all these reports are on bryans neck or his will he wont he wrestle again, i get the sense that certain folk backstage like the higer ups couldn't care less, the fact they already have a champion lined up suits that case. cesaro
  7. that she did *winks Sibel Kekilli was a turkish porn star if memory serves me correct
  8. PRETTY BIG MASSIVE NEWS THATS JUST SPOILED THE ENDING TO SEASON 4 got don't look if you don''t want to know and no its not a book spoiler its an actor/actress thats signed on for another 2 years
  9. sitting in the office watching it on the phone when i let out a "going take a flying fuck, you arse" i thought most cunts where on their break but no my supervisor came in asked me what the problem was, i just said the pc came up with a blue screen of death even though the pc was turned off. so bloody hooked on this show ah Jorah
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