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  1. He should stay at Ibrox as a defensive coach and cut his teeth to get into management, honestly have loads of respect for this guy he is a true professional in every sense of the world.
  2. what qualifications do people like Hugh Keevins have to talk about football and how it is played considering he couldn't even kick his own arse.
  3. I have always noticed this and then maybe questioned myself as I may and have been on occasion known to wear slightly blue tinted glasses, there is a huge difference in class between Rangers and that other team that plays in glasgow. This is just not in the management team whom I comend on their show of maturity, determination and mentality not just this season but every season. This also is very apparent at the board level on the pitch and in the stands. We have a better class of people in all of these factors. opinions?
  4. The only reason this charge has been made out to be religously motivated is so that they can hand down a more serious sentence, I dont consider it to be acceptable what this guy has done but a simple assault charge will hold a lesser sentence and mark my words this guy will get the book thrown at him. I would like to know the reason this has been described as religous prejudice, I am sure any lawyer worth his salt will question this.
  5. would love to win it on sunday as long as it was a cert but I was to nervous last night never mind waiting til sunday I will happily accept the trophy tonight
  6. yeah I noticed this they must have turned them down because the noise was deafening the first 5 minutes
  7. Does anyone know who the refs are for sundays games ours and the mhanks?
  8. Coatbridge does not have a morrisons
  9. If I had been a rangers player yesterday I would have done the exact same thing up the other end after that penalty award the ref would have had no choice but to award a penalty.
  10. As we are well aware there are certain members of the press who will happily slate us at every turn is a press ban a good idea? Firstly is it possible for us to ban all media from our stadium? Secondly do you think it would help to restrict the amount of complaints and agendas against our club? What are your thoughts?
  11. Casey where did I state that you love the club less than me if you sing TBB?
  12. As has been stated already in this thread it doesn't matter who else in europe is doing wrong it doesn't justify our wrong doing. If there is a time when we need to look at ourselves and rise above the bile that has plagued our club for years it is now. I for one and I am sure many of you will agree want to see our club successful on and off the pitch. We need to get our finances and reputation in order. This is just another spanner in the works, we are in the midst of a takeover bid and I am sure there is no coincidence in the timing of this article, I think our board need to speak direct with UEFA and get the facts about who why where and when, we all myself included think that the daily tabloids spout bile on a regular basis however you cannot underestimate the power and influence this has not only on the general public but also at a higher level. The sooner we realise we have to lead by example and then we can start throwing stones when we have removed the glass from our own house, until this time we have to stand up and be counted. I urge all Rangers fans to realise that it is you who can make the difference and the change within our club, if you love Rangers as much as I do you will make a difference not only on matchdays but on the forums and in public too. There is no place for sectarian behaviour in football infact in life so lets rise above it and prove we are the people.
  13. hi im from airdrie im an old bassa 56 been following rangers for 47 years.still as loyal as my first game.watp

  14. I can't believe I posted my first thread in around a year and I end up on the list lol
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