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  1. Natty Patts??? 🤦‍♂️
  2. Hope McGregors not retiring this year? Keepers can go on into their 40s.
  3. Always thought Goram been best keeper ever but starting to weiver after seeing that save!
  4. I feel sorry for the guy that put £50 evens bet Kent having a shot on goal!
  5. Dont care who scores, but if its won at parkhead I want a scarf tied round their goal posts!
  6. Im a season ticket holder, just didnt see video option when went into website!
  7. Is this showing on RTV for season ticket holders? Been on website but showing audio option only!
  8. Put KA1 4AQ into satnav or mobile. Post code for Howard Arms at Glencairn Square across from big carpark/waste ground mountaineer described. Its alot closer than morrisons!
  9. Hateley against Leeds utd, half volley, back to goal n miles out!
  10. Just typed BBC alba the now there n it came up.
  11. There's an app for iPhone/iPad called Live media player. Do a search for rangers or BBC alba or hunt through sports channels. I typed in rangers for burnley friendly and someone had a link to rangers TV. Good quality stream too with few pop up ads.
  12. A lot of folk do different shifts nowadays and can get time off whenever they want or allocated holidays, not everyone is stuck to the Glasgow fair. It's cheaper to have holidays slightly out of season and many folk go then even when season is still running.
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