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  1. I’d take the ugliest football ever seen if we got 56 but if performances don’t improve we will drop a load of points over the season.
  2. He looks really poor. Extremely raw and looks like his feet are moving faster than his head. Maybe he’s more of a penalty box striker but we just don’t create the chances for that
  3. And they’ve had the harder start. We can’t go on hanging on to slender leads - delighted with 3 points but performance has to improve over the full 90
  4. I’ve slagged him but that was a lovely finish from Morelos
  5. Whether we come back here of not this side doesn’t have enough about it to win this league
  6. No doubt teams have us sussed. Hustle us, hassle us and we crumble
  7. And just who in our side can take control of a game. No cunt
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