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  1. Surely players have a set amount of time off after tournaments. The club should know when players are to return. Fuck knows when Morelos will actually available and we need a flyer at the start of the season - problem is if he does want away you just know he’ll be half arsed on the pitch
  2. Why the fuck do they try and put so much into it. Keep it plain and simple. That top is not great
  3. Said it before but if Liverpool come calling then it means us with Gerrard are being successful. Another good season and Champions League qualification and clubs from Elite leagues won’t be far away. As much as I want him here for a long time he deserves his dream move to Liverpool if it happens. He’s a class act and a credit to himself and our club.
  4. Never saw the Malmö game but my concern is what we’ll have available- quite a few out and quite a few with not many minutes in them. Not just Europe but we need a flyer in the League. Up front is a big concern. Defoe struggling, Sakala 0 minutes, Morelos away and when he comes back his attitude needs to be right, Roofe suspended and Itten hit or a miss. Really need minutes in Sakala or we are really struggling
  5. That is cringeworthy. If an England win winds up the Tartan Army fuckwits and SNP types then I hope to fuck Harry Kane lifts that trophy tonight
  6. The petty bitterness by some is pathetic. Ranting and raving about the commentary and spouting their anti English pish - all they have to do is switch it off - it’s like our fans watching Sportscene and moaning about it - dont fucking watch it it’s pish anyway
  7. Thousands of people in Scotland pretending to be fucking furious that England did it when in reality they couldn’t really give a fuck. It’s more a case of I’m more Scottish than you cause I hate England. Im fucking delighted for England and that was superb scenes at the end. Hope they do it
  8. Wall to wall coverage of the fabulous tartan army arriving and partying in London but zero condemnation from the SNP. If that was English fans coming to Glasgow the fucking SNP and it’s media would be all over it.
  9. Patterson tidy and confident. Lovely. The rest ? Fucking ram it 🇬🇧
  10. When will Sturgeons staged photo watching the game appear. Will she blow it out in the first one or wait for England. Bound to be England for most attention Hope it’s a cracking tournament and hope Scotland get fucked every game. The SFA detest us, the SNP detest us so I’ll happily see them beat
  11. Sturgeon and the fucking SNP delighted today - the gathering of St Johnstone fans will be a lot less than Hibs. Mind you there would be fuck all said anyway I suppose.
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