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  1. Every cunt and every keeper now wondering when Barasic is going to go to the other side. Might just keep going the same way forever !!
  2. This title, this fucking title. Sitting there with my oldest boy trying to work out when he might need time off when we win it. My youngest boy taking the piss because he knows he’ll be off school. Seen lows, seen highs but this means so much to so many.
  3. He’s been immense. So comfortable and clever on the ball and just gives that bit of security when we are under pressure
  4. McGregor’s problem ? He’s making these saves so often we take it for granted. Even when we are in total control of games he’s still making one or two world class stops. The guy is phenomenal and fuck knows how many points a season he’s worth. It’s him, Goldson, Davis or Tavernier but too hard to choose.
  5. I don’t really bother watching their games but stuck it on last night. Hats off to Ross County for the work they put in but just goes to show how much they need Eduoard - if he’s quiet they are fucked. That Larkin or Lakin boy for County had some game. Lovely to see that little fuck Christie having another nightmare
  6. Can’t fucking wait to be able to relax watching games again. Get the fucker tied up ASAP
  7. Boy I work with the was speaking to his folk when he played for Caley - said they are all bears
  8. Aribo needs to up it for the full time he’s on the pitch. Brilliant in flashes but nowhere near consistent enough
  9. Fucking detest Aberdeen - love beating them and seeing them beat.
  10. Would like a more relaxed afternoon if possible. Can’t handle these edgy 1-0 wins I’d take an edgy 1-0 win right now though !! Fucking torture this
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