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  1. New club partners ? Anyone use it ?
  2. You can see straight away that Dickson has something about him. Really busy, really tidy
  3. That’s the biggest issue. Should have been done and dusted tonight
  4. A National side who’s fans boo our players ? A National side that contains Griffiths ? Fuck that. Rangers and Rangers only
  5. He puts the shits up me every time he gets it. His concentration is pish
  6. Can’t trust him not to give the ball away. He’s a liability
  7. Swagger


    No not a negative thread but just thinking there the team is flying and our main striker is struggling. If we can get him back to his explosive best then this team can go to another level yet. He’s still working away but needs those goals to come soon
  8. every last one of you a fantastic afternoon and night - magic
  9. After watching Blackburn Man U Im shitting myself - I havent wanted a title more than this one for as long as I can remember - they have players missing but they will still make it akward - a couple of early goals should see me right
  10. Forget this I just noticed its on Sky sports 4 - Rangers game seems to be the featured one. Panic over !
  11. Maybe a silly question but can I record the game on the red button on sky - ie if the celtic game is the featured game can I still get the Rangers game on sky plus ? Im working and wont see it
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