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  1. We absolutely take Macgregor for granted. You expect him to make these saves Some fucking keeper
  2. Their challenges will be heavier than usual though. They’ll get away with at least two reds
  3. It’s criminal that the midfield has been overlooked for so long. We strengthen the midfield with quality then we have a chance - if we don’t we can forget it. I reckon we’ll get the boy from Preston and a couple of last minute loans which won’t be enough. The Johnson guy will be another player eaten alive by the cloggers and plastic pitches in the SPL Davis gives us one good game in six, Kamara continually goes into bottle it mode and Jack will probably have another injury before the end of the season - between the three of them there’s fuck all creativity and next to no goal threat
  4. Kamara on the edge of the opposition box is almost comical. Don’t think I’ve ever seen a midfielder so uncomfortable when receiving the ball in advanced areas. He’ll do anything to get rid of it as quick as he can. Our midfield is horrific. Individually Jack,Kamara or Davis would get away with it if they had better quality beside them but if we are relying on the 3 of them to pull us through a season we are fucked
  5. Swagger


    Give the boy time . The players on the pitch squandered chance after chance yesterday. Who’s to say he wouldnt have buried one of them
  6. They could have chopped the goal off but there’s a fair chance Hibs would have scored again anyway. It’s what this team of shitebags do
  7. A thin squad that is struggling with injuries this early in the season - it’s a game we could really do without
  8. celtic obviously will drop points- the snag is we’ll drop a lot more
  9. So Roofe out longer now too. Paper thin squad gets worse and worse Fuck sake
  10. Depressing thing is is probably the same team lining up against Motherwell next week. Roofe’s injury will end up worse than first thought and Aribo will suffer a setback. We’ve been here so many times before
  11. If it’s Aberdeen it’s an easy 3 points and a good boost to their goal difference. We need to worry about ourselves - just don’t have the bottle
  12. I’ve said it before but the league cup final last year was the chance for this team to turn it around and we could have and should have won that game - until those players win something they will always turn in these performances - zero belief. If Hibs go 2-1 up you can’t see us pulling it back, we go 2-1 up and you know we are throwing it away
  13. Defoe is done. Fine when we are skelping shite at Ibrox but eaten alive by opposition in the rough and tumble away games
  14. Course we are. We’ll see today again quite a few times the rest of the season. Looking at the upcoming fixtures we'll choke at celtic, Kilmarnock and Dundee Utd
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