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  1. Bags of talent but too timid. Keep seeing the 50/50 he had with Brown way back. He had the chance to win the ball and wipe the cunt out but shat it. Millions of us would have loved that chance
  2. Kamaras ban leaves us pretty short given Jack’s problems
  3. There’s bags of talent in Aribo but he can stand off a bit when the going gets tough. Arfield has way more dig about him and this game won’t be pretty. It’s a difficult one but it’s Arfield for me
  4. Gerrards interview again - utter class that man. Patterson and Wright superb. Nice Sunday viewing
  5. He’ll either be really quiet or the whole game will be about him - hopefully the latter in a positive way
  6. They can ram it up their fucking arse - and that cunt Stewart’s arse after it
  7. Yep. With Jack out Kamara has to be at his best but I think his head will be all over the place. Hope I’m wrong
  8. Can’t wait for the day that happens to be honest. leave this shithole football association behind and let them try and sell Scottish football then.
  9. First real chance I’ve had to celebrate 55 so I’ll have no fucking idea what’s going on after the first 5 mins probably
  10. An absolute credit to himself and this club. The way he conducts himself and the way he handles the press is superb. Spoke really well last night and the way he walked on the pitch and spoke to certain Slavia personnel was class. Gerrard spoke and they listened - a true giant
  11. They’re a really decent side. They’ve got more quality than us all over the pitch. Maybe a good wake up call in the long run
  12. Come up well short over the two legs. Really need quality brought in in the Summer
  13. Slow, cumbersome and looks terrified if anyone comes near him
  14. Aribos a luxury player. Fine when we are cuffing Ross County but looks very average against quality
  15. The Kamara booking is disgusting. How the fucks he supposed to get out of the way
  16. Been watching out for the boy from Bournemouth and he’s getting next to no game time on loan at Wycombe. Bit concerning
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