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  1. Bumped to repeat a joke made in May 2010? Really?
  2. Finally got 120 gold stars on this last week, started on the green stars (there are 120 of them as well ). I believe there's another galaxy in World S which you get when you give the banktoad 9,999 stars. He's got 9,000+ now. Once I've done that I'll not be bothered about the green stars, just the same levels with a star along the way.
  3. Hmmm, strange definitions. I'd agree with you on your third definition, the other two are questionable at best. 1 - I call myself a Rangers fan, but I can only make a few games each season because of geography, work and family. Given that, I have three choices: Go to games which coincide with when I'm down in central Scotland anyway - which I would always try to do; Go to away games which mean less time away from home and family - which tickets are harder to come by for; Choose the games I specifically travel down for. The first two I would do anyway, the third - what do you expect me to do? I
  4. Forunately kplfishtank is giving me his, so I'm alright. There's a guy in work who would like to go though. He's not a Rangers fan but he is quite handsome, could he have your ticket?
  5. I agree with the OP. One of you guys who go to all the away games in Europe should give their Man U away ticket to me. I'm a fair man, so I'm willing to pay face value. Cheers
  6. It's an Individual Learning Account http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Individual_Learning_Account
  7. I posted this: "Adelle's" response: I like her, she seems smart!
  8. Do Sky not do free broadband if you take their TV and landline deal? I think it works out really cheap
  9. Good thanks mate. Back offshore yesterday for 2 weeks though You've done a shitload to that house, you must be really proud of it
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