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  1. Bumped to repeat a joke made in May 2010? Really?
  2. Finally got 120 gold stars on this last week, started on the green stars (there are 120 of them as well ). I believe there's another galaxy in World S which you get when you give the banktoad 9,999 stars. He's got 9,000+ now. Once I've done that I'll not be bothered about the green stars, just the same levels with a star along the way.
  3. Fuck sake, must have been a hell of a few hours for you. The relief when you spoke to him must have been overwhelming. I walked into a pub to talk to my mate who worked behind the bar, not long after the first plane hit. They were about 5 people in the pub, all watching the TV. I asked what they were watching, assuming it was a film. They told me, and we watched from then, including when the second plane hit. Strange feeling, we just looked at each other, knowing what was happening. It was clear that things had changed, the world was going to be a different place.
  4. Any idea of a timescale for these changes PIB? It's a pain in the arse without "View New Content"
  5. Three little paintings on tiny canvases, all set on tiny little easels. My daughter painted them for my birthday when she was about 2 1/2
  6. I think I paid £105... If they were more expensive last year, good on the club for reducing prices!
  7. Shite this is on here. Fucking kids playing your stupid kids game. What's this got to do with Rangers? Just scored 38800, can't seem to get past 40,000 so I can take a penalty
  8. I couldn't agree more that a fuller stadium would be better all round. I'm skeptical whether lowering prices by £7 per game would have had that effect or not. How do our ticket prices compare to other British teams in the CL? Genuine question, in case they're a lot dearer and you think I'm trying to make a point. Regarding the three match package, I wonder how many people would have bought tickets to the Unirea game had they been sold individually? I'd say overall ticket sales would have been lower, which wouldn't have done anyone any good. This season, for example, we would sell out against M
  9. Sorry for not responding sooner. I agree with you about getting more bums on seats, in the pie queue, etc. I couldn't tell you figures but our costs will presumably increase compared to a normal, run-of-the-mill game. Let's be honest, we're not a club who can afford to give away cheap tickets, we're having financial difficulties. We probably do rely on a glamour game to completely sell out, do you really think we'd have sold 10,000 more packages last year if they'd been £7 cheaper per game? I don't, I think it was the lack of a glamour game and people happy to watch the game on TV/in the pub r
  10. £35 per game for Champions League fixtures overpriced? Really?
  11. That was the day after the first RM Dinner. What a weekend, brilliant night at the dinner, got up, couple of pints then went to Ibrox for that game. The atmosphere at that game was electric
  12. :lol: I've been on a boat that was doing similar to that, it's a weird feeling. As long as it doesn't make you feel sick, all you've got to worry about is the boat sinking... In fact, it was this boat ploughing through a force 10 gale:
  13. Horrible, horrible news Get well soon Brian.
  14. Not sure if you've missed anything, but we've missed you! :vom:
  15. Are you allowed near schoolchildren again? Great news!
  16. Hmmm, strange definitions. I'd agree with you on your third definition, the other two are questionable at best. 1 - I call myself a Rangers fan, but I can only make a few games each season because of geography, work and family. Given that, I have three choices: Go to games which coincide with when I'm down in central Scotland anyway - which I would always try to do; Go to away games which mean less time away from home and family - which tickets are harder to come by for; Choose the games I specifically travel down for. The first two I would do anyway, the third - what do you expect me to do? I
  17. Forunately kplfishtank is giving me his, so I'm alright. There's a guy in work who would like to go though. He's not a Rangers fan but he is quite handsome, could he have your ticket?
  18. I agree with the OP. One of you guys who go to all the away games in Europe should give their Man U away ticket to me. I'm a fair man, so I'm willing to pay face value. Cheers
  19. It's an Individual Learning Account http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Individual_Learning_Account
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