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  1. On the plane, off for 5 weeks One week at home, two weeks in Orlando, two weeks back home
  2. My guess is that it was a US missile (obvs) and all three on that picture look like they would make the same size hole. Problem solved
  3. Yep, SI unit of holes in buildings. Similar to SI units of length (football pitch for long things / double decker bus for shorter) and volume (Olympic swimming pools)
  4. I don't know what this means. How can the top half fall away from the rest? It's above it, right? It can only fall downwards. You believed yesterday there was no damage, now there was damage but the wrong kind of damage? Once you confirm your qualifications in this field we'll be in a better position to judge your expert testimony. Just to be clear, your theory is that the buildings were demolished by controlled explosions, I take it? Do you believe the planes crashed into them?
  5. Pretty racist assuming people's religion based on their (Jewish) names
  6. I don't believe Saddam complied with the terms at the end of the original conflict. If Bush had genuinely just wanted to finish what his Dad started, why not go down that road instead of employing a cast of thousands for the best cover-up in history?
  7. Not with the might of the American government behind you, Jamie. Did you see the video of Bush not reacting?
  8. I think it's well accepted that the US has the most spin-driven, Machiavellian political system in the World. It slightly amuses me to think that, even in GWB's time, people think all of that career-driven spin-obsessed machine were deciding to kill thousands of people in a fucking elaborate hoax where they set explosives and projected holographs of planes flying into the biggest buildings in NY. Meantime, they killed all the people who were on the flights. So that they could blame Bin Laden. Then attack Afghan. Then link Saudi. Then not really link Iraq but attack it anyway, which was the who
  10. He knows basic physics though, so I'm going to reserve judgement until he's given a bit more info
  11. What's your physics qualification mate? I'd be interested to read your thesis on this! What if 15 floors collapsed one floor, then 16 floors are falling. They collapse the next one, and so on. Soon you've got 53 floors falling on 52 (from your 105 floors), then no problem right? Anyway, I don't know anything about physics so I'd be interested to learn what the minimum load requirement on the structure of the WTC buildings would be required to cause collapse. You keep posting about WTC 7 collapsing with no damage, are you ignoring JamieD's picture showing the damage?
  12. No, I've done 3 half marathons, that's plenty! Last one was just under 1 hr 35 mins, but I was broken after it. Thought about a full marathon once, but working away I couldn't train for it properly.
  13. Hope it went well, heard there was chaos before the start with transport, etc.
  14. Had a decent run recently, did minimum 5k per day for 28 days straight to build up base fitness again. Two of those nights were football, one bike (7k) and one cross trainer (40mins), two 10ks and a 6k/8k in there as well. Decent diet, lost 1.5 stone but I'd put it on by being a lazy greedy fucker while at home! Since getting back I've had more days off, but still run 4 times and played football once in 9 days. Diet not as good as it is when I'm away at work, but I'm not bothered about that. So long as I keep up the running it's all good
  15. Yeah, I was going with my brother in law and his mate is taking it. Ticket just arrived now.
  16. Yeah. I bought the ticket then changed shifts. Third time I've bought tickets to see them then missed it for work
  17. Just got the same email. Can't make it though, I'll be at work
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