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  1. Steve Bruce looks like he's a fish supper away from a defibrillator himself
  2. Lost a game 🤯 and still toppppppppppp
  3. Damn, he's one switched on dude Big respect.
  4. Spurs won and are still only 10th 😆
  5. I love how he was guttered with that ball really pissed then minutes later spanks one in. Great mental strength 💪
  6. I honestly wouldn't know I only ever turn on their games when i see they losing 😆 and against us they all dreadful 😂
  7. We will be, they can't beat us square go on the pitch over a season, their only option is to go after refs or push Gerrard out with a witch hunt. Underhand tactics is their last play now..
  8. They beat Real last night in a friendly, i'd be very surprised if Derby are not top by xmas
  9. 'Get Neil one the phone'
  10. Wales have travelled over 5000 miles for 3 games in a European tournament 🤣
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