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  1. Yeah behind 'Blue Monday' No 1 不不不
  2. Cunt would miss a one yard World Cup final sitter
  3. 'Goooooooooaaall La Rangers' should be every Bears ringtone from now on 戊
  4. Had it on mute the whole game didn't hear a word of Sky, played Rangers songs on Spotify Blue Sea 突 was on when we scored湘菊 I wish it had been a full crowd the day
  5. Such a confidence player, heaps of talent it'll come good for him
  6. Criminal how little crosses go into him when he can score from anywhere within the box either feet or pinpoint headers, Bora & Tav would love him
  7. Why are they bothered what Rangers do, Hibernian are their closest competitors now
  8. Only a Euro timplosion could knock Maradona trending aff twitter
  9. Blacks and Tans and Catholics
  10. 20,000 already signed an online petition to get changed within an hour of the release ?
  11. Leeds have tweeted their new club badge.. fans not happy ???
  12. Theyre singing his name right now 10mins into 2nd half with a constant chant of Paul Lamberts barmy army.. poor fuckers
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