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  1. Yes there will be a minutes silence and I really hope that all our fans fully respect it and don't rise to the bait of the mindless morons from the other side of the city who will obviously not respect it.
  2. The press have sensationalised a request by using the words they have chosen in the headlines of the article and in the unquoted sections.
  3. No you are quite correct he has played at LB for us before, really surprised that he isn't playing there now with Tav on the right and really really surprised that Waghorn has been dropped to the bench.
  4. I'm guessing there has been a lot of downing it then, the amount of times where we should have had penalties and not got them has been disgusting, hell there was two in our first game at Kilmarnock where Barton was wrestled to the ground and Dodoo ended up picking up that injury which side lined him for a while.
  5. Don't believe Aird can play again until January. I don't think there will be an issue at Tav being back in the RB position with Hodson on the left, Kiernan and Hill in central defence. Midfield of Halliday, Holt and Windass with McKay, Garner and Waghorn starting up top. If we play to our strengths then we should beat them. Also a nice wee quote from their manager which just shows that we're the only game in town! "It's a sell-out from away fans. I don't think that has happened here for a long time. All credit to them for that, particularly on a Wednesday night on TV."
  6. Only time I go into Glasgow is for the football!
  7. Forgot about that stupid winter break, our first home game in the New Year I believe will be the Scottish Cup tie against Motherwell. GB will you be at that game?
  8. Wouldn't surprise me if Dingwall started the rumour in the first place just to give the impression that he'd been told personally that it ain't happening!
  9. Nah, they would all have to go through a decontamination chamber before they're allowed into our ground.
  10. As I said at the piggery all of our players were shit on the day and we were just as bad as a team in the semi of the cup. Blaming one player is a load of shite when a whole team plays shite.
  11. Yeah was surprised that the video was that long in all honesty, probably the only decent couple of minutes we played that whole game!
  12. Excellent, would be brilliant if they eventually made the step up.
  13. LOL we're just not used to other players in the top flight showing us respect! :D
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