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  1. Be really surprised if it isn't a Murray v Djokovic final
  2. Stan has done nothing this year to suggest he is anywhere near the standard he was at last year and year before. Nishikori will be the threat in Andy's half I reckon!
  3. Wawrinka has been a disappointment so far this season!
  4. Murray kiss goodbye to his racket deal last night?
  5. Win today secures the number 2 spot for the end of season.
  6. Murray didn't turn up. Lot's of people giving Djokovic credit but when you serve the way Murray did you are always going to struggle
  7. It's not over yet! Rashid on fire
  8. Murray and Djokovic both playing exceptionally well so far this week. Shame this is the SF!
  9. It's not Andy they are after by choosing clay. It's the doubles tie! They hope Jamie will have an off day but they seem to forget he's won a few titles on clay as well. If they lose Goffin before the tie then they are fucked! He's had a fair few injuries over the years Will win this tie 3-1 I reckon
  10. If Belgium take 5th rubber then its away, if Argies win then its at home. Nowhere at the moment with a capacity big enough is free for the final! Emirates doesn't hold enough and Simple Minds are on at the hydro. MEN, the one in Birmingham, O2 are all busy and Wimbledon have ruled themselves out of it
  11. 86/109 (79%) 1st serve points won 66/87 (76%) 26/62 (42%) 2nd serve points won 27/61 (44%) 81 Winners 49 57 Unforced errors 20 Murray actually won a better percentage of points on his 2nd serve. The damage was done on Anderson's first serve... it was almost impossible to read and get back so relax a little
  12. Check the stats. Murray didn't play badly and Anderson played out of his skin! He's had the DC semi final in the back of his mind for a while now and I think its affected him here. Didn't have the same intensity from the start of the tournament Will see him back to his best against the Aussies
  13. Be on around 8pm tomorrow. Maybe 9pm! Not too happy it's in Armstrong to be honest. Murray won't enjoy it either! Not as much space to run around with Anderson hitting bombs. Could be tricky
  14. Pretty happy with that draw. Don't think he has anything to worry about against Kyrgios and being in Rogers half is what I wanted Stan potentially in the quarters could be tricky
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