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  1. Here in New England 70% of ages 18 and over are vaccinated, Covid numbers way down. The Rex Sox are playing with sold out crowds of over 37K, vaccination is the key.
  2. Someone on twitter said he had been caught drunk driving but I don't know if that was true or not. Something definitely happened he seem to go out of favor pretty quickly after his stint with the first team.
  3. Love The Spinnaker, I am friends of the family that run it.
  4. His family had a Cafe & Chippy in my home town Largs, across the street from where Weatherspoon's is now.
  5. Years ago I worked in the lab at IRH and there were definitely more of us than them.
  6. They recently renovated the train station, I believe the train service is still pretty good to Glasgow.
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=99CtIgESvJ0&ab_channel=RangersFootballClub%28Official%29RangersFootballClub%28Official%29
  8. I was wondering as well, where I am anyone over 12 can get the vaccine.
  9. Donated, sorry to hear about this awful situation.
  10. Hi Sheena,

    How are you ?  Did your nephew have a good time? Great result today!

    1. cstamomusa


      Yes he loved the trip and that we got to see a bit of Charleston as well.  He still has another couple of weeks till he heads back to Scotland.  Overall I enjoyed the game, wish we had scored with some more of our chances but satisfied with this early season result.

  11. We are pool side just now. :)

  12. Hi ended up staying at hampton   long story  rm 209   

    1. cstamomusa


      We are in room 233, a friend Rob is in 206. Will catch up with you tomorrow morning.  Did you have supper  at the Islander restaurant? We went there tonight.  I am soo tired after our early start.   Sheena

  13. Sent you a pm.   

  14. Hi Sheena,

    Just got my ticket.. took me a while.  Just moved from the Toronto area to Halifax, Nova Scotia.  Quite nice here and probably more Scots than Glasgow lol


    Section: E8, Row: G, Seat: 1


    I'll check in at the same hotel...  Thanks again for the info.  When do you arrive?








    1. cstamomusa


      Hi James ,

                      Great you will be quite near us in the stadium.  We arrive Tuesday 5th mid-afternoon and staying till the Friday.  

      -Sheena :)

    2. delamonty


      Just booked my flight.. same hotel.  Arrive around 10:30 (Airport).  Get this.. return to Halifax is 3 stops and 12 hours....  Oh well.  Well worth it imho.

      See you there,



  15. oi u - your cards are marked!


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