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  1. Hi Sheena,

    How are you ?  Did your nephew have a good time? Great result today!

    1. cstamomusa


      Yes he loved the trip and that we got to see a bit of Charleston as well.  He still has another couple of weeks till he heads back to Scotland.  Overall I enjoyed the game, wish we had scored with some more of our chances but satisfied with this early season result.

  2. We are pool side just now. :)

  3. Hi ended up staying at hampton   long story  rm 209   

    1. cstamomusa


      We are in room 233, a friend Rob is in 206. Will catch up with you tomorrow morning.  Did you have supper  at the Islander restaurant? We went there tonight.  I am soo tired after our early start.   Sheena

  4. Sent you a pm.   

  5. Hi Sheena,

    Just got my ticket.. took me a while.  Just moved from the Toronto area to Halifax, Nova Scotia.  Quite nice here and probably more Scots than Glasgow lol


    Section: E8, Row: G, Seat: 1


    I'll check in at the same hotel...  Thanks again for the info.  When do you arrive?








    1. cstamomusa


      Hi James ,

                      Great you will be quite near us in the stadium.  We arrive Tuesday 5th mid-afternoon and staying till the Friday.  

      -Sheena :)

    2. delamonty


      Just booked my flight.. same hotel.  Arrive around 10:30 (Airport).  Get this.. return to Halifax is 3 stops and 12 hours....  Oh well.  Well worth it imho.

      See you there,



  6. oi u - your cards are marked!


  7. No not a yankees fan lol, Brewers actually, I am just trying to add all the other US bears on here :)

  8. Hey Csta...british cornershop now has their easter egg selection out..if you dont mind the cost of shipping lol.. ;)


  9. :pics: not been on for a while, been busy :P
  10. We are missing you in the NFL thread these days!

  11. Telling him naught but the truth!

    And yes, I do know ;)

  12. I have been back since the end of the WC.

    How am I being a baby again? :x

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