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  1. @TEFTONGWhat's that your are saying, guess your team was soo busy celebrating their win over The Pats they forgot to turn up this week.
  2. Thanks, I was trying to work out from his tweet why they had to be at Ibrox to do a Celtic game.
  3. John Greig in 1-1 draw with Dundee Utd. Jan 16th 1971. The 1st game after the Ibrox disaster, didn't really want to go but it was pre-arranged for me to go on the Largs RSC bus.
  4. Bet you were worried for a time. Loss made easier since The Bills also lost, I like our new QB and I am sure some of those penalties won't happen again.
  5. Don't always hear the show. Did he and/or Clyde ever apologize for jumping the gun over that doctored video of the players? I know the Gordon guy was trying to do the usual legal liability disclaimer; however they were still quick enough to be outraged about it while it was still been investigated.
  6. He already did the other night he was most offended on behalf of his grandparents.
  7. Has the term Orange Bastard ever been litigated in court? I seem to remember it was but can't find any mention if it, so maybe I am wrong.
  8. True if you want to risk $10,000 fine or jail time when caught.
  9. In the States you get a card at the time you get you first vaccination, it also had the appointment date to attend for my 2nd. I just keep in my handbag now that it has both vaccination dates on it. I guess it is similar to card used as proof of vaccination parents use when enrolling their kids in school.
  10. Hey you! my paternal Grandmother's side of the family came from Donegal and they were all Presbyterians.
  11. Cam Newton cut from the team today.
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