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  1. Playing just now and still down on aggregate.
  2. He has already been a trialist at the club and played well at the Alkass Cup.
  3. I am sure they will have to consult, amongst others Queen of the South, about the players that are on loan as it will affect them as well. I am sure they will have to coordinate a response.
  4. European games are on CBS here in the States and I've heard Clive doing the commentary on several of those. Seems like he is either doing them from home or a studio in London.
  5. Merry Christmas to all Bears & Bearettes
  6. To be honest never expected much from the Pats this year. As well as Brady they lost several other players to other teams, on top of that about a third of players that sat out due to covid were Patriot players. Add injuries to the like of Edelman it all looked bad. Time to re-build, Newton has been too inconsistent.
  7. @ben51 New York Giants are finalizing a deal to make Patriots’ wide receivers coach Joe Judge their next head coach, league sources tell ESPN. Deal was in the works as of last night, which is another reason Matt Rhule took the Panthers’ HC job.
  8. After announcing that Jason Garrett was out as coach of the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday, team owner Jerry Jones has reportedly settled on a replacement by agreeing to terms with former Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy.
  9. @ben51 Ironic coming from someone who's team was 4-12 and didn't even make the playoffs. Brady was still breaking records of the better Manning brother this year as well. Do you think Eli will retire this year?
  10. @TEFTONG The Pats didn't play well but at least they are still in it, must be frustrating for you to see the Dolphins play better after their season is over.
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