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  1. Likeacare is happy with his GF and they are both still members on here.
  2. It's amazing when you look at the names of posters in these older threads that don't post anymore. Absent friends.
  3. DB I thought the scum game was close.................................................to being 10-0
  4. I like to wear contacts, just make sure you add saline or artifical tears to wet them before taking them out. I have dry eyes which can make them harder to remove. Depending on the kind of lenses too much fussing with them can cause them to split.
  5. Good to see this story on several news outlets as well, he deserves the Honor.
  6. That's a truely amazing story and brings a tear to my eye.
  7. No, even worse they might turn up and ruin it.
  8. Not a good plan to tell folks on RM.
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