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  1. This is why I don’t post, I keep blowing it so going forward it will be 56 posts in 15 years 😃
  2. Probably, I was gutted first time and if I remember correctly we then got pumped with Maribor. Probably wrong it just seems surreal to me 🥴
  3. It will not happen overnight, but we competed? Yes it was disappointing but still are still a stage forward. We’re we not there yet probably! are we no a patch on last season so far? Yes probably. We may have to lose a player or two probably? But in that sense we should not be worried as there is real poor interest 🤔. Let’s regroup and move on we’ve been here before. We still have the best team in Scotland and hopefully a wee sit doon and finger oot job can fix it. I await belters 😩
  4. Am gawny lose my job because of this, melted for a week 🥺
  5. Bad to say, but what a time to be alive 🥺
  6. Should we do a collective and light up the nation at the same time 😃 WATP
  7. Please can I have a smoke bomb link for back garden for when the day comes, please 👍
  8. https://t.me/c/1382716656/281830
  9. See this is why I shite it to post lol, am pish at it and always called a beast 😕 I will have to try better soz 😉
  10. No recently, do you recommend?
  11. Lol, every time I post something I fuck it 🙁 shit scared to post on here 🤗
  12. As I said enjoying the tin 🤪
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