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  1. If have an iPhone or Internet google catchuptv
  2. I have lived at interfaces in North Belfast, lived on the Shankill and lived in the East. Im in a nicer part of town now, but I know the drill.
  3. Every one of them an inbred waste of organs with the brain of an amoeba. Sorry state of affairs. Those in these communities with influence need to use it to halt this NOW.
  4. They are fucking true .... To do with life expectancy, population growth etc... FACT ! Tisk tisk .....
  5. You have considered hayfever remedies, right? Sudafed, anti-histamine and some vicks would be a start.
  6. There are more people alive today than have EVER died! Most of the worlds population has never made a phonecall!! (guess we are too westernised to comprehend these facts..sounds carzy but true)
  7. My FF started crashing on certain web pages (ie most ones) as soon as I updated it to the latest 4.(something). Internet became unusable. I used a system restore point the day before download to roll back and no more problems.
  8. Found Southlands about a week ago and watched the first series already. Good stuff (its under Warner Tv for anyone looking for it)
  9. Britain is technically the mainland. That's why in the Olympics etc its GB & NI. This has no bearing on being British. To be British you have to be a British Citizen. People born in The UNITED KINGDOM are British Citizens. This differs from those born in old commonwealth countries who may be entitled to a British SUBJECT passport but are NOT British Citizens and have no automatic entitlements in the UK, and may indeed need to apply to live here.
  10. Hold on here ........£800 :rolleyes: SC54 RFC, a plate twice as good, is valued at £225 by DVLA and IS available!!! People just make up random figures for these things
  11. I have an iphone I stole from the GF The blackberry is for her
  12. She was off today, but her stand-in was hotter. now back to topic....
  13. Seen these two on Lorraine this morning. 1. Cool Song 2. Groovy chicks 3. I would bang the life out of them, especially the blonde slinky one. Rock on, watch the vid http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/showbiz/music/3546099/New-Pierces-song-is-Glorious.html
  14. Looks like there is software that provides a code from the serial numbers or something? Where to find it is another question. Guess no one bothers to find this unless they run an unlocking business
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