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  1. Guys my Bro and 3 friends are looking bus seats with a RSC around Belfast for the hibs game next week. They have tickets sorted. Local club - Ardoyne - are full. Anyone got any seats?
  2. Has anyone actually used these sites? Are they legit? I did look at a few Google results but I was a bit dubious. I thought if I asked on here some of the hard core gamers might have a stack they wanted to sell and cut out the middle man....maybe donate some cash to help the heroes or something.
  3. (Hopefully admin don't mind.) My 9 yo kid really wants a top player (messi etc) - but its beyond his (or my) ability to earn the real big money. Now the season is over and Fifa 14 is on the horizon is anyone up for selling a stack of coins? Looking few hundred thousand plus. Hopefully I have been on here long enough to be trusted - any deal be through paypal only. Let me know what you got and how much you want - make the wee mans summer - cheers.
  4. Good Point. I like Jordi Alba, and Pique is decent.....thats about all they got worth talking about in defence!
  5. He has some great flicks and tricks. He is entertaining, but not top drawer.
  6. Pity he is jumping ship. In many ways BVB are the up and coming team. Bayern are the team to beat for now, but BVB can catch them inside the next few seasons.
  7. New to Xbox and Fifa 13 so go easy lol 1. How do I update the game (I have read there are patches out for bugs etc) I dont see an update option in the main menu. 2. How do I stop the game disconnecting from Xbox live? 3. Anything else I Should now? Many Thanks in advance for any replys WATP!
  8. Ronald and Frank De Boer. Two of the very finest players in the world at that time...at Rangers
  9. How about if we were sponsored by Apple....iBrox sounds good
  10. Im going to make the purchase at the end of this month...still not entirely sure what to do! Some people seem to think the PS3 is more future proof and has better graphics? But I think the xbox is more popular isn't it? PS: are either consoles getting updated any time soon? oh, and do you need xbox live just to get the FIFA squad updates after transfer window in February?
  11. Get Well Soon Gordon. Great work-a-day player in his time.
  12. Kirk is still here and he always puts the effort in. Like many players he has some moments of greatness and many moments of looking very ordinary. World beater he is not...a Ranger he is, and a dedicated one at that. That will do for me
  13. 100% yes. No thought required. Give a kidney and all. Even in the third division.
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