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  1. I used to work alongside a guy who was a fan of 'them' and his idol was Gerrard at Liverpool. Would love to see his face when he became the manager here.
  2. But but but Jimmy sav'phil' said they wur deed....
  3. I'm sure (though not going to look) there's a Thai Tim's video where they sing about 10 In a row, the Scott Allan one. I'd laugh if it wasn't so creepy and cringe worthy.
  4. Siam69 that's exactly why. I only go there to get a laugh after we beat them and today is comedy gold. And as for Clyde ssb, how much percentage has been devoted to their fans in recent weeks. Don't get me wrong I love it. Long may thier pain continue
  5. I have checked post victory their Web 'shites' such as kerry fail street and notice they say things like "that was shampoo" why do they use the word shampoo like this? Bizarre
  6. I know albertz left lambert with a sore mouth once, but trying to recall, with one of his hammer free kicks, did he once knock a player out?
  7. Well done Rangers today that's a huge step.
  8. I read over 25 predictions from so called experts. Most said the scum would win best a draw. Not one predicted.a.Rangers win.
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