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  1. Presume the draw on Monday/Tuesday?
  2. Just want a bag of can and Joe Rogan back.
  3. Was about to say it was similar to a few @ 14:00 last Sunday
  4. How is Straffon still standing ffs!
  5. Reads as if ‘we did all we could, but most of you lot were actually the ones to blame’.
  6. Didn’t Goldson play more than McGregor?
  7. Hope another screw up for Arsefelt.
  8. Our athletics return is horrendous.
  9. That goal was a lifesaver. You could see the impact not only on the score line, but on the faces of the Malmo players - sickened. All to play for next week and the return of Aflie and Aribo should certainly help.
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