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  1. lets see how noisy they are when i let the cat out into the garden
  2. can they not do it at a more reasonable hour like say midday
  3. loved the counting one, i dont think he liked it when i made him count too fast
  4. yeah all there was in the fridge it was that or coke so i added some lee and perrins and pepper prefer it with vodka but not at this time of day
  5. well i have just had a drink of tomato juice you would call that a poor substitute i suppose
  6. thats a bit bizarre are you sure you have never tried drugs
  7. my beds ok but the sun is shining right in my window, which is opposite my bed i need thicker curtains i would put my head under the duvet but i am claustraphobic is that how you spell it i think my brain has gone on strike
  8. no just grumpy from only 2 hours sleep. i am not really a morning person i much prefer the night thats when i excel
  9. i barely have the energy to type never mind revenge so i will give it a miss god i hate happy people. neighbour just went off to work and he was whistling. who whistles at this time of the day
  10. thats a bit profound for this time in the morning. made my brain hurt reading that lol having said that better judgement than what ?
  11. thats not very nice might be true but thats not the point
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