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  1. Incredible really. Two domestic defeats, one on 90 minutes and one on penalties, excellent progress and some marquee performances in Europe. A defence up there with anything I’ve seen at Rangers, some saves from a goalkeeper who has surpassed Goram in his contribution to the club, our key striker breaking his OF duck and dominating them and a young full back who looks like he could be two good seasons away from a £20m transfer. That’s before you consider the likes of Kent, Davis, Tavernier’s form in the first six months, Roofe’s goal, Jack’s winner against Killie - it’s been incredible. However, as happy as I am, about 0.01% of me will still be sitting pished with the boys next Saturday thinking that we should be looking forward to a Scottish Cup final to complete a domestic treble and that does niggle at me a bit.
  2. What a fucking game boys. Without question, that’s sweeter than a 4-0 humping. I don’t think it’s over, but they’ll never come back from that mentally.
  3. Let me just start by saying absolutely fuck the Pope.
  4. Spoke very well and comes across as an absolutely lovely guy. Loved him pointing at the pin badge today.
  5. You definitely can. You can be well coached but still not win everything, success is down to more than just coaching. Nobody’s jumping around saying we’re winning the league or the Europa, but is there a better coached team in Scotland than Rangers? I’d say it’s a quite clear no, but it doesn’t cover mentality and strength in depth which is where Celtic may be slightly ahead.
  6. Possibly not. I can’t remember ever watching a Rangers team with as much confidence in the system, although we’ve obviously seen teams with better players. I’ve seen this movie before in the last two years though, albeit it does feel slightly different.
  7. As the ever excellent David Edgar and company pointed out on this weeks H&H flagship - they were always after a ball playing centre back, so why the fuck did they ever go after Duffy? A signing to appease the bigoted hordes.
  8. You’d argue that was exactly what was needed though. It’s still something I think we’re kind of lacking even to this day.
  9. Surely if that’s the case, then a ‘super league’ format that effectively takes away the mega clubs from the everyday game paves the way for teams like Rangers to progress further? It’s been done to death, but should the big 3/4/5 leave England then I’m almost convinced that both us and the child touchers would be down south pretty quickly.
  10. Absolutely no doubt about it. A born winner, I’d be surprised if he really remembered Hugh Burns. I really have no time for ex-players and staff who get a bit salty, smacks of immaturity.
  11. I’d love to see him say that to Souness’ face. Burns sounds like a sour old bag since he’s been canned from the media side of things, extremely poor from him - but sadly not that surprising.
  12. We’ve got a couple of good ones for the team. Livi at home should be nice and easy in reality, then Killie will probably be harder than the tarriers so an ideal test. Can’t shake the feeling that there’s something different this year.
  13. Big second half. We need to make a fuss about that offside call though, horrendous.
  14. He went 3-5-2 against Motherwell and everyone shat the bed. A lot of the Rangers support - specifically at home - aren’t ready for fluid alterations to formations mid-game. Going from a back four to a back three or five would completely blow some minds.
  15. Bizarre to think that some people expected Rossiter to take Jack’s jersey when fit. It’s actually more laughable than bizarre seeing how it’s turned out.
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