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  1. Bumping a thread proves nothing, to be fair. Up until this thread was made, he had underperformed. He has been poor. He had been completely disappointing, but it also should be said that he had no luck with injuries.
  2. Born in Bellshill, live in a place called Newarthill.
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UPZUMYlfIBs Hahahaha! There's your dinner on a plate.
  4. Like a fucking jacket. Did you hear my good news - I will no longer be a TITP virgin after this summer!
  5. Fiona Bruce would get her gammon ruined.
  6. The first 16 odd pages of this are absolutely classic.
  7. ManYoo v Birmingham? Man City 3-0 up on Villa already, Balotelli with a double.
  8. Spurs now winning 3-2. Must be fun to follow Spurs, every game is a five goal classic due to their complete lack of balance
  9. I think Yaya Toure is a much better midfielder, but Busquets is more limited and does a more disciplined job and I can see why he gets the nod.
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