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  1. What a fucking game boys. Without question, that’s sweeter than a 4-0 humping. I don’t think it’s over, but they’ll never come back from that mentally.
  2. Let me just start by saying absolutely fuck the Pope.
  3. Spoke very well and comes across as an absolutely lovely guy. Loved him pointing at the pin badge today.
  4. An absolute fucking waster. Jordan Jones is twice the player and will offer us so much more. Get him punted ASAP.
  5. No chance, Gerrard admits that himself. Technically, he’d be the best footballer in Scotland without breaking sweat, but he wouldn’t be close physically.
  6. McCrorie isn’t at the right level yet, for me. He’s nowhere near good enough on the ball and he’s only properly useful for 3/4 games a season just now. Even then, with the midfield we have now - the best set of players in Scotland IMO - I don’t think he has a look in.
  7. I think the start is important. There’s an idea that we definitely fucked it after the Xmas break, but I’m not so sure. Last year: We drew with Aberdeen after Osijek. We drew with Motherwell after Ufa first leg. We lost to celtic after Ufa second leg. We drew with Hibs after Spartak Moscow. That’s nine points dropped directly after Europa games before the 26th October, that’s heavy going given that’s how many points we lost the league by. You could argue we matched celtic point for point after that.
  8. We have a number of Muslim players, I wouldn’t be too annoyed mate.
  9. He’s an idiot, plain and simple. I've went above and beyond - as much as you can from a keyboard - for our players even when they probably haven’t deserved it, but there’s no defending him. He’s a 37 year old footballer who, somehow, still needs to grow up. That's all that needs said though - any talk of him losing his place is mental, he’s lightyears ahead of any other goalie in the country.
  10. I don’t think you have to worry about that. The club will have told the agents what we see is an acceptable fee, nobody is coming in bidding 30% less because of a newspaper story. I’m not sure we’ll lose out on too much money either as I’d be amazed if Barisic or Grezda have played enough games to trigger the clauses to make up the full transfer fee.
  11. Not a bad point given the size of that Thistle side 👍
  12. He’s doing well but, for me, he was fit for a while before the loan and Gerrard barely used him - that’s telling IMO. We’ll not be renewing his contract I don’t think, so hopefully this loan spell sparks some interest and we get a fee. Feel for the young man, but it’s been a disastrous move.
  13. Good plan. I’ll walk out if they do it, an absolute slap in the face to the fans.
  14. Cheers mate, good to see some old faces still active!
  15. If they want a full scale revolt, batter in. I personally wouldn’t have bothered with any minutes silence or applause for any employee or ex-employee of theirs until a full independent inquiry is finished so we know who knew about and hid information on celtic Boys Club, but there you go.
  16. I spent about half my life on here for a good while, so between getting engaged, buying a house, a wedding and having a baby my time has been minimal 😞 Now the wean is here there is no social life and I have time to post again - probably over exaggerating there to be fair, weans aren’t that bad.
  17. I'm still waiting for an alternative way of handling this that wouldn't cost the club a fortune. The floor is yours....
  18. He'd not exactly been involved in much controversy recently. It sounds to me that you're itching to criticise the club. As far as I'm concerned, we're the first club to give Barton the slap around that he deserves.
  19. So because he has previous of being a dickhead, we should just accept it?
  20. Anyone defending him against the club needs their brain checked. Also, anyone criticising the club's handling of it needs that organ checked as well. Given that we don't want to pay off his huge contract in full, we were outside of a transfer window and gave ourselves time to investigate all avenues legally before coming to a decision. We've done as much as possible, hopefully the horrible little bastard doesn't darken our doors again.
  21. Any of the old crew still playing? It's a big change from the Advanced Warfares and futuristic Black Ops, but it's fucking wonderful.
  22. I've genuinely never heard of Cooper or Burke and only loosely recall Kenny McLean playing for a diddy team in Holland on Football Manager. An astounding set of call ups, but I truly feel our players would learn more from remaining at Auchenhowie.
  23. Knowing the rules but not applying them evenly and treating both teams fairly is cheating. I'm failing to comprehend what's difficult to understand about this. And this idea that he's a dyed in the wool bluenose is utter hearsay as well, certainly shouldn't be getting used as any debating tipping point.
  24. He wasn't being fair in equal measures to both sides. One side was getting favours that the other wasn't. That is, quite simply, cheating.
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