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  1. If you buy something that has a liability attached you also buy the liability. Green knew about the alleged dual contract allegations and that the SPL were requesting documentation from D&P, documentation D&P were withholding. So the investigation started prior to Green buying the titles.
  2. People need to stop burying their heads in the sand. I bet you were one of the ones who went raging at the record and BBC for attacking oor Craigy Whyte when what they were really doing was doing us a favour.
  3. So do you, of a lack of education. That and the sand you bury your head in.
  4. If we could have afforded those players, why did we have a humongous debt that we couldn't service? D&P put it at up to £134 million.
  5. This would mean no one could remove Lance Armstrong's tour de France titles because he isn't a member of any cycling bodies these days. But we know that's not the case.
  6. It reads: “The Commission has considered all the preliminary issues raised in the list submitted by Newco and points raised in letters from solicitors acting for Newco and for Oldco. It has decided: “1.The Commission will proceed with its inquiry in the terms of the Notice of Commission and will now set a date for a hearing and give directions. “2. Oldco and Rangers FC, who are named in the Issues contained in the Notice of Commission and alleged to have been in breach of SPL rules, will continue to have the right to appear and be represented at all hearings of the Commission and to
  7. Andy Park ‏@radioandypark SPL independent commission have set the date for a hearing into Rangers alleged dual contracts. The hearing will commence on Tues 13th Nov. #Rangers hearing to commence on 13th November and last until 21st November. Oldco and newcomer invited invited to appear. Bbc chris
  8. hris McLaughlin ‏@BBCchrismclaug commission set up to investigate allegations of dual contracts at #Rangers throw out clubs protest over legal authority. Probe will continue Well put in their place...
  9. Chris McLaughlin ‏@BBCchrismclaug commission set up to investigate allegations of dual contracts at #Rangers throw out clubs protest over legal authority. Probe will continue
  10. The result of the 'big' tax case involving Rangers’ use of an offshore tax avoidance scheme is expected to be released next month. On Wednesday, the First Tier Tax Tribunal confirmed it hoped to conclude the long-running case in October. Rangers were found by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) to have breached tax rules through their use of employee benefit trusts (EBTs) to pay players and directors between 2001 and 2010. The Ibrox club, then under the ownership of Sir David Murray, contested this, which resulted in the case being heard at the tribunal in Edinburgh. Hearings in the tax
  11. BBC Scotland has learned that a verdict on the First Tier Tax tribunal between Rangers and HM Revenue & Customs is expected in October. In 2010, the previous owners of Rangers contested an unpaid tax relating to the use of Employee Benefit Trusts, believed to be in the region on £49m. The club entered administration in February 2012 over a separate tax issue and applied for insolvency in July. The Scottish Courts Service said an announcement will be made next month.
  12. That statement concerns me a little, more for what he didn't say than what he did. Johnston had the opportunity there to deny the existence of second contracts (side letters), but he didn't and that's telling. He suggests the SFA were given all the information they asked for a couple of years ago, handed Rangers their licence to play and didn't instigate any investigation and his suggestion is that means they saw nothing wrong then so they should see nothing wrong now. But, were they given copies of the second contracts at the time? Lets be clear, giving players money via EBT's would not in
  13. Flourish? You call the UK consistently languishing miles behind the Scandinavian countries in the standard of living index as "flourishing"? Bizarre stuff. Scotland would be run on a similar model to Scandinavia and would easily be placed higher than England and Wales on the standard of living index. Sure we'd have to create a few things but that's not something to either be afraid of or something to avoid. What we would avoid is the almost nazi like approach of successive Westminster governments when it comes to foreign countries and taking one in the ass from Republican maniacs in the U
  14. Reply from Roger Mitchell. For someone who claimed the Scottish Premier League was a really bad idea a few weeks ago, I found myself surprised that I felt the strong urge to defend my former organisation in the face of the bombast from Charles Green. I truly hope by the time that this is read, someone officially representing the SPL will have done likewise. I ask myself, does Green actually buy this stuff? Let's take a look: Claim 1 Rangers ceased to be subject to t
  15. Begs the question, would he then pay the tax bill in full should MIM lose the first tier tax case?
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