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  1. Does anyone have a decent image of this poster ? Anything I find is blurry when loaded. Any help appreciated bears.
  2. Encouraging someone to sell over face value but someone else doing the same you would probably condemn as ripping off bears.
  3. has anyone got this badge and willing to sell? thanks
  4. I've been to that place. You don't know how good you have it here
  5. Tell her to sort the title there's nothing to link it to Rangers.
  6. Don't waste your time with the shop they have very little letters to print
  7. Aaahhhh could be worse could be Andy Cameron
  8. Fuck me the op sees a guy measure a window, assumes it's a banner going in, even suggests the type and then people meltdown.
  9. Search eBay for shirt framing kit. Easy to do
  10. i think you know the answer to that one
  11. think its separate plenty 15/16 if u want that
  12. doubt it by this time. was not much at all
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