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  1. ive installed kodi on the fire stick without the need for a pc, can anyone point me in the direction of how to add the channels now? i managed to get something called fusion from within the kodi app itself but the others seem to need zip files downloaded and ive not got a scooby how to do it.
  2. Banned off it cis the mod ascottishbloke is a Fenian bastard
  3. those videos you posted are forman haha xD

  4. big cliss isn't in today! WATP

  5. the voice at 2:18 sounds like the big man fae chewing the fat
  6. if they say around 28k attended then that means ur theory says there were 32k attending?
  7. er... because Rangers greatest rivals are Celtic. What goes on at Celtic is of great significance to Rangers. not in the bears den
  8. chics telling them they are in europe. thats wrong isnt it? or is it st mirren who dont get in cos we beat them
  9. yup keep the bears den rangers stuff only dont poison the BD with filth
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