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  1. ofb1988 on both xbox and ps3
  2. ofb1988


    lol i did warn yees
  3. omfg a comedian made a joke. fucking hell whos got the complaints departments email? im fuking raging
  4. u sold it got a new one bought that back?
  5. have seen a deal, £200 for 2 weeks all inclusive leaves on 11th june, right in time for some world cup footy and turkish beers but dunno what the place is like help bears
  6. Quick question.. Why does the cold water from the bathroom tap taste different to the water from the kitchen tap??? cos when ye pish in the toilet its recycled but not fully
  7. well the water isnt as clean as it could be. and yea all sorts could get in there.... but then again im sure thats the water u use to brush teeth?
  8. i was gonna pay the 3 bux asda wanted for that worth it then?
  9. It's safe, just make sure you use well known sites eg Asda, Tesco, Game, Amazon, Play etc, and you'll be fine! Went onto Play to buy it, said i can't buy it cause i'm not 18 Does anyone know if Morrisons are selling this game? I went into Newton Mearns ASDA and they said ASDA will not be purchasing this game .. asda do sell it
  10. pretty sure if they offer it they have to give u it. verbal contract or psychological contract, i didnt pay attention in class to it but know they cant verbally offer then withdraw
  11. What a fucking movie! just finished watching it. paid £3 for it and its £3 well spent. Denzil http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5puJVS-XQGs
  12. soccer triads is fake. some ppl dont like that but imo if you dont care then go for it. adidas fakes are the best
  13. this is up and running just now on xbox at least i think it is
  14. bastard if i knew this was happening i wulda saved up the cash looked at 3 weeks in sydney for 1400!
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