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  1. The good news is...................yup!
  2. I would love that to happen! But just don't see SFA/SPFL coming to that decision. I wonder why?
  3. I wouldn't be surprised to see the game against Hibs postponed and the game rearranged for later in the season. I'm sure that is what will happen with the St. Mirren, Motherwell and Kilmarnock games as well. Wouldn't that be convenient!
  4. Love Alfie to bits. Think he is a great player but sometimes I can get pissed off with his antics. Sunday was a red card all day long. We actually got lucky that the referee didn't send him off at the time, since the outcome of the match could have been less favourable to us. However, I think it is time the SFA changed the rules on how a player/management are charged. Why not change the rules so that the only ones allowed to put forward a notice of complaint, are the opposing club and the referee supervisor? Let them use tv video as they see fit, but only allow a set time period (i.e. 24 hours
  5. Thanks Dude. As I said, I wasn't quite sure.
  6. I may be wrong, but I think a player can't play until he reaches 'school leaving age'. That CAN be aged 15 but Billy Gilmour was born 11th of June. According to Google, he can't leave before 31st of May, thus he (if I've read it correctly) isn't eligible until the 1st of June.
  7. I can see valid points for each side of the argument. Why not put all those who missed out for the semi-final into a ballot, but only draw 50% for definite tickets. Then put the remaining unsuccessful 50% into a further ballot with all that did get a ticket for the semi-final? This would guarantee those who were unfortunate not to get a ticket first time around a higher all-round chance of a final ticket without completely taking away the chance for those who did. I know it's not perfect, but might be away of being a bit fairer?
  8. Just a heads up guys, according to the website, cityparkingglasgow, the Queens Park Recreation Ground will NOT be open due to ground conditions.
  9. Renewed 2 season tickets today and was pleasantly surprised that I had to queue for about 15 minutes!
  10. tHoMaHaWk, on 08 August 2013 - 06:52 PM, said: How does that work? In my work if someone gets a pay off, they dont waltz back in two mins later getting another job...... You don't work for local government , the fire service HIERACHY or Police then? Fixed that so it was a bit more accurate mate!
  11. Don't post very often but would be grateful if you could ask one of the questions posed by Ozblue earlier in the thread. "What exactly is the reason for placing all 11 players in our own 18 yard box when defending a corner"? It really pisses me off when we do it and I see no real need for it. Thanks in advance.
  12. I was just thinking that they want their cake and to eat it. Going into the 1st division means we would be playing a better standard of team than the 3rd division. It would mean that we MAY be able to keep a better standard of player and that we could hold the SPL clubs to a bit of a ransom over the SKY tv deal. We don't at this moment seem to be holding any ace cards.
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