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  1. Good article - Morelos’s story reminds me a bit of Suarez - great player but a discipline issue. I thought Suarez would be finished after biting a player, but look what he went on to do. Alfie needs to learn, which he seems to try to do, and as an aggressive player is always going to get yellows and the odd red but his contribution is phenomenal and long May he stay with us.
  2. So good I named my daughter after him - we get some strange looks calling her Alister but mainly we call her Super Ally! ( ok not strictly true we called her Alison - but she is always Ally or Super Ally) 😬
  3. Really such a post of nonsense / there was nothing half hearted about how he went in ( nor anything wrong with the defenders tackle) - he went in full blast and hurt his knee in a purely sports related injury!
  4. And Davie weir hardly any by 23 😏
  5. He one gets better with us except Jack, Goldson, Tanernier, .... in fact many of this squad have all improved here.
  6. The last thing Rangers need is a rookie manager! ( when Gerard signed) I hate when we sign players at end of career - Ray Wilkins and Defoe! 😏
  7. Great sentiments - but I think you underestimate Gerrard and this squad. They get it - and guys like McGregor, Davis and Arfield are there to push the message through if needed, but they get it. the only regret I have is we will not be filling Ibrox on the day we win - now that would be something!
  8. Shagger was always like that - but his winning mentality has spread through the squad - a leader by example!
  9. I said that to my wife and she said - ‘ I’m not sharing him with you, you’re in the spare’! 😏
  10. John Brown - Lee McCulloch - Stuart Munro - Marvin Andrews and loved them all - but bang average players
  11. /thread ! This was a stunning example of how one man makes a difference!
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