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  1. It’s a kinda mute argument we don’t actually have to be associated with any currency.
  2. Jesus wept - so anything that’s done by any government is paid for - is that really the argument your going for - in that case no governments done nothing for anybody as we all did it for ourself! Stunning!
  3. If ? Would it want to ? And if it did there would be a negotiation to be had ? We could have a Scottish pound ? After all that’s not unheard of ! And a bank of scotland - there’s a novel concept ! Perhaps we join the euro, or adopt the Swedish kroner!
  4. You do realise I answered that post - in fact the poster had to make a wee donation to Erskine based on my answers ( mind you that might have been another thread making the same accusation as it’s often like Groundhog Day in here. )
  5. Sure why don’t you do that - and in the interests of parity count all the posts with no debate, just the ‘snp bad’ rhetoric, or the ‘never a Rangers fan’ shite - just for comparison - do it fairly and I’ll answer every single debate point with my opinion
  6. I note you conveniently missed out NI - the tax the uk government utilised to raise additional finance, the vat levels and even on income tax we can’t set the personal allowances. Scotland are not allowed to borrow money ( a uk gov fiscal measure) - we have to balance the books, every year, unlike the rUk. the chains around health service and education are budgets as we can’t borrow for infrastructure, as we are not allowed to, and by the infamous Barnett formulae we don’t even get allocated a budget based on what is raised because monies are kept for things like armed forces ( no issue there ) HS2, channel tunnel, third runway at Heathrow, cross city link etc. and it’s not just a financial question either - strategy is determined not by the people of scotland but by the ruk - we can’t diverge there as we have no powers to do so.
  7. That’s the level of response as to why it’s not worth a debate - you lack any capacity for it!
  8. They will struggle to cut of the money we raise - that level of ignorance is why it’s not even worth the debate in here - ‘our’ money is not a largess to be granted no matter what folk think.
  9. If you don’t realise what chains there are around devolved powers then that’s a poor starting point - we can’t make big decisions because anything ‘big’ is a reserved matter. the tax raising powers are a poisoned chalice ( oh and even you admit there is the 3p restriction - what if we wanted to raise 5p on higher tax payer - we are restricted. Look at latest UK tax changes - we were NOT allowed to do those except under the umbrella of the uk! ( and even then conservatives MSPs voted against them in scotland whilst Scottish con MPs voted for it uk wide!) before the SNP Scotland voted Labour - and so it’s a socialist leaning country anyway and that’s a better direction than rUK. Oh and you ignore the positives that have been implemented.
  10. All you seem to have is a fear of change rather than the excitement of opportunity. you are right cultural change is what is needed and is a king term project but that has to start somewhere. Independence is a good start because the chains put around devolved matters make many of those powers mute.
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