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  1. The hold up play was magnificent by Roofe - but that finish was stunning - one of the best ever - he started just outside his own box! Wonderful!
  2. Just imagine if Barisic was chipping in with as many goals as Tavernier!
  3. If a vaccine is released in ( say) March - the estimate to vaccinate everyone is 6-9 months and then it needs to actually be effective - it’s very plausible we won’t have full crowds till middle / end of next season 😩
  4. Agreed - the SFA have a £8.8M reserve - time to use that reserve!
  5. Its the lower league clubs I worry about - those teams that have existed for a long time as community clubs, they are not in this position due to their financial mismanagement, but for something totally unseen and unforecastable. As I have said when the chips are down we all as a community need to do a bit. Teams like East Fife don't have assets to sell, except for perhaps their ground. The government has a part to play, as does the SFA but also the community has a role to play.
  6. The difference is I can see the hatred in your writing - there is nothing in my writing that warranted your wee tirade. So I have actually judged you on your actual actions! Here is a further hug and kiss OX
  7. So everyone is on their own ? I suppose it is the modern way I just disagree with it - I see someone in trouble and i can help, I try to help, even if its their own fault they got into trouble.
  8. There's loads of us SNP Rangers supporters!
  9. I'm just not a hater - your rhetoric will go down well in here, get you a few likes, but here, have a kiss and a hug - sounds like you need it! XO
  10. Everything! He also missed out I'm fat, wear specs, vote SNP, go to Scotland games, have greasy hair and drool from the left side of my mouth even during the day. I, on the other hand, have turned the other cheek and love him because he is a fellow Rangers fan!
  11. No - does that mean 2 wrongs make a right?- is it just simple revenge you seek?
  12. So seek revenge, don't do the right thing just get even? It's a poor way forward in my opinion. This is a sport we play and all we seem to want to do is swoop to the same level as other bottom feeders - I'd prefer us to maintain our integrity and sportsmanship and if every one else wants to lose their that is their call, it does not mean we should join them, but it seems that's what many would prefer.
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