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  1. Won the Premier League, and a Treble with us - a mainstay of the Scotland team and people think he wasn't a good defender. :-( He was a great defender. But seems to have struggled with life since his career ended, and unfortunately not the only one to do so.
  2. TBH whilst like many on here I'm a bit of a walloper, I'm not daft enough to base my vote of supporting a football team and some perception that i need to hold certain views to support that team - that is truely daft.
  3. Rangers don't have that that big an impact on the economy. Loads of bigger firms have gone to the wall without intervention - you need to be getting into the 1000 of jobs area to get support (like shipyards etc.) and even then support is pretty limited. Anyway we survived without government help so its kinda a moot argument anyway. Its just the anti Nats on here looking to bump there gums against the SNP again. Imagine being daft enough to cast your vote based on supporting a football team - now that is worth a wee rant about.
  4. I should have been more specific - No UK government (inc Welsh, Scots and NI parliaments ) would prop up any football club.
  5. No government of any persuasion would prop up any football club - doesn’t stop folks ranting tho’
  6. I’m a non paranoid Rangers fan that can support a football team for the sheer love of the team and no need to associate any other pish with it - whereas you need props of religion and unionism to hold up your support for the team! Go figure!
  7. Harsh words internet hard boy! Good job admin are sensible (ish!) - imagine being daft enough to base your politics on the team you support! Mad!
  8. Listening to Arfield after the game you could tell the respect was there from the squads!
  9. Harsh - I love you and all you give me is grief! Xx
  10. Goldson - some real leadership there - but all 4 have been superb! All are a miss when out of the team.
  11. Goldson - quietly going about his business - defence has been awesome, he’s scored important goals, his leadership on the park has become very evident, and his record of playing every game is phenomenal. shagger, Davis, Tav, Kent all up there but Goldson is mr consistency!
  12. I respect your views that you believe there is no place for religion and politics in football but can you answer my question I asked you in the forum about the sheer hypocrisy shown by a political party intent of punishing football fans for sectarian singing etc but then holding a publicity stunt in a govan pub well known for promoting sectarianism?

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    2. Bluepeter9


      Iceland jailed the bankers that caused the recession - we gave them night hoods - we have the education secretary saying only yesterday that teachers have a moral obligation to teach and should not be moaning about wages despite it taking about £70k of debt to become a teacher - also you've fallen into the trap of thinking the indendence debate is about the snp - it's not it's about independence - they just happen to be a party that is running with that ball - if Scottish labour picked up that ball and thought for thems elves instead of being driven by a centralised Union agenda they would win a lot of seats - smaller is better imho - btw I see isbourne - a man who has missed every fiscal target he has set needs to reset the targets yet again and have more cuts! 

    3. Real Ranger

      Real Ranger

      I did vote for them but I don't agree with everything the Tories do or say but I believe they did a decent job of steering us through a very difficult period and that's why they got my vote. 

      Iceland might have jailed the bankers but it was their policies that ultimately got them into the mess they were in, same as Ireland and if we had been independent when the recession hit we would have been in the same financial turmoil.

      You say smaller is better yet if the SNP had the power to do so we would have been in the Euro years ago and we know what a disater that turned out to be. 

      I'm pretty certain I'm not going to persuade you and you're not going to persuade me  and besides it's match day. Enjoy the game mate.



    4. Bluepeter9


      Yep sitting in ibrox car park - enjoy the game - at least you have thought through your politics - there are folks on the forum who vote for whom they think they should because of the club we support and that is just brain dead! 

  13. Walk this way, talk this way and give me a little kiss!

  14. cheers for the comment mate .At least we agree on this subject Ally has to stay and see us through till summer at very least

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