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  1. @Zetland donation made - hopefully to the correct account this time (or should I say 'at last' ) Well done again. Good job.
  2. I avoid this paranoid laden thread because I can’t stand the pain caused by the laughter that overwhelms me when I read the nonsense in it. Now I’m sure you invited Me in with some sort of gotcha but I sure as hell hope it’s not the penalty situation nonsense in the post above?
  3. Aye thats the trouble with forums - minority spouting pish makes people feel like everyone is - One of the issues is evey one thinks only negitivity gets a reaction and some want to act the internet hardman with all that '......... (Insert Player / Name) get to fuck). How many times have we heard 'Boyd GTF, Bain GTF, Smith GTF, Murray GTF, Broadfoot GTF, etc etc. no sense of perspective shown. Even the way this board treats discussions about Celtic etc and not letting those discussions happen in the Bears Den - how fking sad some of us have become. BUT I like your OP because it shows that not
  4. short term squad player at best - not the type of signing I was hoping for.
  5. That'll be the same board that refused to allow some of his preferred appointments onto it? Not sure what any of that has to do with the point in question. Point 1: I always had assumed you knew a fair bit about business and knew as well as I did that the board can not block shareholders appointment of directors. Your statement is bollocks. The board may advise and there may be some constitutional rules about board members numbers appointment etc. BUT I have never heard of a board being able to refuse MAJORITY shareholder appointments - do you really believe that there is anyone on that boar
  6. The question that I didn't answer is a whole different subject that I didn't fancy getting into, particularly as none of us really understand the current relationship between the owner and the board and most comments would be uninformed speculation. LOL SDM owns 90+% of the club - I would say he has a great relationship withthe board as they could NOT get close to it without his approval. It really did NOT take much working out that the ellis deal was a no go - people like WS and AJ would NOT have comeout publically and badmouthed them if they had been close to a deal. Also if you track MIM
  7. Strike me these people on this thread who would ask someone not to blow horns are the same people who would ask you to keep quiet if you sing! A few horns might wake a few people up!
  8. - also missed out RST bumping gums about direction/lack of signings/Murray / anyone else that talks about Rangers except them!
  9. Smiths real quandry is not in who he buys or sells that is just part of his job - his job is to deliver the SPL, it is NOT to reduce costs. Yes he has to work within a budget but at all times he should be bumping heads with Martin Bain getting the most he can from the club as a budget. Talk of rebuilding is all very well BUT winning the league tis the key goal and retaining the best players or increasing the quality of the squad to achieve this task is WS priority.
  10. Bakbear - could NOT have put it better - so I wont? 100% agree! In SDM I trust!
  11. How quick we turn, how fickle we are. The Boyd haters are out in force on this thread. AS they say their is a fine line between love and hate. I would love to see him stay - he deserves to be our highest paid player and if he does go I hope he does well and I am sure one of his motivations for going is to prove all the Boyd haters that he can score elsewher, to prove those who say he can only score in the SPL wrong and if he does go I look forward to him proving how good he is. Sometimes you only realise what you are missing once its gone and that goes for Boyd and us. Stay Boyd, but if you go
  12. LOL - all the hatred for Boyd - well I for one hope he does a U Turn and stays - You often dont know what you are missing until its gone! I hope he stays as I believe he will be hard to replace. Not Impossible and we wont die without him BUT players as good at scoring are NOT as easy to find as we seem to think and if he U - Turns I, for one, wont hold it against him and if he goes I will wish him good luck and hope he proves his worth.
  13. Graham Roberts conducting the Choir while in goals always makes me laugh or 'Theres only two Andy Gorams' and I loved the Copland Nutter.
  14. The tacticts of the already defeated! When you START a new season with your excuses up front it shows a real lack of confidence - I expected (expect) their new manager to initially say - "I respect the refs I am sure that we will get some decisions and some will go against us - thats football" and then trot out these excuses as the pressure is on. But to look forward to the new season with excuses started - what utter fuds!
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