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  1. Great sentiments - but I think you underestimate Gerrard and this squad. They get it - and guys like McGregor, Davis and Arfield are there to push the message through if needed, but they get it. the only regret I have is we will not be filling Ibrox on the day we win - now that would be something!
  2. Shagger was always like that - but his winning mentality has spread through the squad - a leader by example!
  3. I said that to my wife and she said - ‘ I’m not sharing him with you, you’re in the spare’! 😏
  4. John Brown - Lee McCulloch - Stuart Munro - Marvin Andrews and loved them all - but bang average players
  5. /thread ! This was a stunning example of how one man makes a difference!
  6. Kinda my point - comparisons are difficult because Gerard is competing in Europa and Smith mainly in CL - different competitions in different eras - and Smith also delivered silverware. I think Gerrard is doing a great job but until we are winning trophies regularly then he is not even close to Walter.
  7. Walter mainly played in the European Cup - Gerard in Europa - different levels of quality to deal with so comparisons are really difficult
  8. They managed the game so well they got beat - great game management!
  9. Thanks. It was a bad challenge But no more than a yellow imho.
  10. I thought if the referee spotted and felt with the incident in the match ( he got a yellow) that there was nothing that could be done?
  11. Today was a great result! A real marker!
  12. Now I may have some of the facts here wrong but in Walters early days I remember the team going on a 33 game streak without losing - only to come crashing down to Dundee United at Ibrox - 0-3 at half time ( and final score) but guys were coming to blows in the bigs at half time cause Walter was shite! ( or not) my point: all great streaks end but that won’t make us a bad team, any more than this period makes us a great team - silverware, in particular the league , that’s what counts! We can be confident but let’s not think anything is won yet - we need to stay strong!
  13. To be the best we have to play the best - it can only be good for us, our ambition is not the Europa league every year but the Champions League every year. I have no real issue with it.
  14. Last game against Benfica he was criticised for making subs, changing the flow of the game and losing two late goals, this time chose not to change flow of game with subs, loses two Late goals, and is criticised - man can’t win! he’s doing fine and these things happen - imagine being gutted with two draws against Benfica! They are a real quality side and we matched them in every way.
  15. No matter how slow I am, how late, which account I sent the cash to - I’m always in afore ye!
  16. @Zetland donation made - hopefully to the correct account this time (or should I say 'at last' ) Well done again. Good job.
  17. I avoid this paranoid laden thread because I can’t stand the pain caused by the laughter that overwhelms me when I read the nonsense in it. Now I’m sure you invited Me in with some sort of gotcha but I sure as hell hope it’s not the penalty situation nonsense in the post above?
  18. If they recognise you from your tadger one would wonder why? Porn star? Flasher? Just a knob?
  19. He hasn't played at the highest levels, nor has the experience to manage a team - he may develop into a murhino but there are few that have done that with Jose being the exception not the rule - he talked a good game but if that's all it takes many on here should be in line for his job didn't want him and so glad we did not go down that route.
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