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  1. The 2 Slavia players next to Zungu clearly heard it too. They don't exactly jump to the defence of Kubela either...k
  2. A nice day driving around Glasgow to see the sights
  3. James, and Connor, As i write this letter, I sit with my tail between my legs; I have an apology to make to both of you. Like with any other players who sign for Rangers from England, I have always had a high expectation. Born and raised in Lancashire myself, I've always felt very connected to English players who travel across the border to wear the red, white and blue. I've always expected, or been desperate for them to do well. The past ten years have obviously been really challenging, emotional and stressful for all Rangers supporters. Since returning to the Premiership, I pe
  4. 4907. If we still had a newspage, it'd be sweet to be writing an article today, compared to all the ones I had to write during 2011, 2012 and 2013.
  5. Absolutely class, players, manager, staff, the fans at the stadium today and now you fuckers sharing all this content in this thread
  6. Slightly different, but Craig Whyte is my greatest error. I knew someone who knew his Dad who positively assured me he knew what he was doing...didn't end well.
  7. The performance showed the weakness of Tavernier and Goldson as a leadership duo when things aren't going well or there arent other leaders in front of them. They need to motivate, encourage and maintain standards even when they as individuals arent at their best.
  8. Rangers' post-match VAR system really is showing the consistency Mr Gerrard was looking for
  9. Soon as I saw the training pics today, I couldn't get this comparison out of my mind. Some people's hair adapts better to lockdown than others, I guess.
  10. With automatic CL qualification a real possibility, I would expect more bargain pre-contract deals from the EPL this summer. Young heads are turning, and they all want to work with Gerrard.
  11. Not sure how much of an impact he'll make before the summer, but getting him in with Barker and Jones going the other way is positive overall - hopefully those 2 can perform well enough to earn permanent moves in the summer.
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