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  1. They really don't make life simple. The email suggests this should be free-to-watch for RTV subscribers, but then it's locked out when I log in. I'll wait for the next email 🙃
  2. Space bar to shoot and bicycle kicks from the edge of the box. Must have been from 1994 onwards.
  3. XBox is for wee boys. FIFA is for ordinary high-standiing gentlemen, although I've been playing since I was a wee boy on PC in 1995.
  4. And people wanna block the forum to new/silent members. It can take years to build up to a first post.
  5. Truth. Gotta get that traffic. You should have seen the admin team swimming in money back in the newco days.
  6. My post made zero sense, to you. That's OK. But please honey, don't use small harmful words against me, just because you don't understand my big harmless words. I'm always here to talk, if you need help understanding
  7. You're going to need to break this down for me. It is not my intention to offend an SNP supporter x
  8. See thread on H&H and not sharing your personal information on social media and forums. My vote counts.
  9. Scotland could be a far safer, fairer and greater country to be a part of, but not under the SNP. When your stuck between the corrupt (Conservatives) and inept (SNP), there actually isn't a choice that will benefit you. My vision of an independent Scotland is one that is a country that survives off its own resources, without any ties to the EU or any other "one world government" organisation. The SNP are on their knees to deep throat any world power that will fund their hard right-wing, anti-English priorities, with no plan for the aftermath. We've enough forest, land, livestock and fishing waters to feed, house and employ the entire country, without depending upon the usual forces of evil in power. Imagine a Green party, that wasn't fucking mental, or obsessed with pronouns and the creation of new genders (whilst actively discriminating against women's rights) for every day of the year.
  10. I just deleted 10 of my early RM posts pre-2011. I was just trying to fit in with the big boys back then.
  11. Life moves on. Words change. Responsibilities increase. It'll save you more than it hurts you long term to drop your ego and delete a successful account. Same applies to RM. Make sure your username here (or other forums) isn't tied to any social media account, that can then be tied back to you personally.
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