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  1. I have a season ticket for Scotland rugby currently. I am not a true fan. *I was a true fan when this thread was posted.
  2. Absolutely. As long as Kenny keeps performing at this level, there is still the opportunity for other players to seek to emulate him.
  3. There is only one player who can influence his team mates through his overall intensity and actions, and that is Kenny Miller. We have a squad full of good talent, but not enough heart and grit to perform above their level when required, individually and collectively. It's going to be a very long season unless other players can match Kenny's commitment, creativity and workrate.
  4. Wilson and Kiernan is the best worst for me.
  5. Are you the younger player? And the mole?
  6. As it's their first time I'd be interested to see what ceremonial treasure they brought for adding to the trophy room collection.
  7. Maturity of this level is neither welcome, nor appreciated. I'd much rather seek to confirm the sexuality of these journalists, by way of assessing their integrity as journalists, before dismissing their comments altogether if they are confirmed to be non-heterosexuals.
  8. I don't think Joey will be too worried about making the headlines, when he's about to release a book discussing all the other times he made the headlines (presumably).
  9. There's nothing wrong with their uninformed discussion. These guys are discussing the topic without sensationalising it. Something we arent used to with Scottish, lesser able equivalents. However, it's interesting to know some other off-field activities he has. Barton has a book coming out, and all of a sudden he has created a situation where he is suspended by his club and being talked about on every major national media outlet. How convenient. If he managed to finish this 2 year contract, I'm sure he'll be able to write another...
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