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  1. His dad is a celtic fan and his mum is a Rangers fan
  2. We went through to try get a ticket. Only chance was Hibs end and we said no... big mistake!
  3. To be honest even though we have seen very little of Rossiter, I thought he would be given pre-season. Especially after positive comments from Gerrard at last pre-season.
  4. If we hadn’t done the above for Rossiter then there would be even less chance of other clubs being interested in signing him this summer and taking away his wage cost. If we don’t think he is good enough it’s better than letting him rot and stealing a significant wage for another year
  5. Goldson at the end, just stood and smiled for at least a minute watching the Copland cleary loving it, moments like that will make him want to stay and build up a medal collection
  6. Is this sarcasm about protesting?! I’ve rarely seen players protest more including Candeias!! He couldn’t believe it. it was quite clearly accidental too, fell over the player and any contact on the fall was not meant.
  7. Unless he has been sending snapchats he shouldn’t have and has to phone and cancel his trip tonight...
  8. Nonsense. As numerous folk have said in this thread, the press conference is the difference for many. And for those the boo’ing of Naismith and support of McGregor & Lafferty is perfectly justified.
  9. No chance the likes of McKay or Windass would bring that level of fight - would never be able to teach either of them that.. Ejaria’s level of commitment surprises me, glad to see it.
  10. Worst ever signing? As poor a signing as he was, thats simply not true.
  11. It was a disgraceful tackle by Allan, gets worse every time I see it. The ref should get a 10 game ban for not producing a red. However if these guys are pals - and Allan was pictured with loads of Gers players before he left Hibs the first time around - do you expect them to phone/text Allan on Sunday night and say we can’t be friends any longer cos of the tackle? And make sure you stay away from us in Dubai? Nonsense Windass is dumb as fuck posting it on social media but nothing wrong with hanging about with Scott Allan even though he is a fool
  12. Especially when he has a job in the public eye. Do that sort of thing in any high profile job and you give your employers opportunity to sack you. Getting sued should not really be a concern if proof is there
  13. No spine? He stepped up for the first penalty in an old firm semi final and scored a great goal in the final. no fucking spine....
  14. Please can we close this thread or move it out of the Bears Den. He 100% would only join Dundee as is clear from his Opengoal / Si Ferry interview. He barely thinks about Rangers now unless he has to as part of his media career. He was gutted to leave at first but since then has realised he enjoys life away from the goldfish bowl. Dundee is his team.
  15. Holt one of the best players today? You taking the piss yeah? i like his hard work but given his role in the team 0 goals and 0 assists this season is a shocker.
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