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  1. Awful player, awful game... I nearly boaked when he scored The Celtic supporting best friend of Noel Hunt the cunt can fuck off back to Erin fenian's valley...he doesn't belong in a Rangers shirt
  2. ah, missed that,,,i understand now...what a cunt! (though ive still got a soft spot for him, and tbf he is renown for being a bit dim, maybe he was mis-quoted?) I do think a man who scores over 100 goals for Rangers deserves a bit more respect but it does hurt when one of your own 'lies' and leaves for smaller club...oh boydy
  3. About what? I thought he left saying despite signing for a smaller a club he wanted a new challenge,,,seems pretty reasonable to me
  4. I still love Kris Boyd, proper man crash on that guy. Loved watching his no nonsense style of finishing. His choice to leave was quite understandable but his decision to sign for such a diddy club made us look like right cunts (always thought the same about ferguson, if he'd signed for Everton which I believe was an option id of understood but Blackburn Rovers )
  5. is Muff still about? also Ozblue doesn't post as much these days which is a shame
  6. of course hes scoring goals, where in league one ffs. Hes still shite...a dirty gypsy one of that
  7. you've got me there ,,,fair play . My response was gonna be 'aye but Daly's only in it for the money' but then again Temps.....
  8. Whatever happens I hope he doesn't receive the abuse that seems customary when players of ANY club put in a transfer request. We should remember he wanted to sign and play for us when people were kicking us in the balls when we were down and so called Bluenoses were walking away for free....ok so it hasnt quite worked out for whatever reason (im not blaming mccoist entirely, I just think the standard we are currently playing in hinders his style of play more then anything, hed be perfect for us in the SPL) but this boy warrants our respect and good will
  9. shame...I miss watching Rangers and being genuinely excited. Hes one of few who has the ability to make u sit on the edge of ya seat when hes on the ball. fair play to him though, he wants to play and enjoy his football and that clearly isn't happening for him at Rangers
  10. unususal...more often then not its thug on thug
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