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  1. Is it still Grezda? Any other transfers have been undisclosed I think.
  2. Pointless talking about it really though. Beale won't deviate from the plan.
  3. Get Itten back pronto. He fucking loves Motherwell.....
  4. Wonder why we haven't heard a single thing about this this morning?.....
  5. We are utterly reliant on him however he plays due to the insistence on the way we play. I'd rather we go 442 and play the two up top in Roofe and Morelos. The wingers don't have to be out n out wingers either. Maybe like a diamond shape that was so effective against the tarriers last season.
  6. We need to be saying to Alfie to go back to his old way of playing up top. Driving down the channels, bullying centre backs, keeping in the box. This adapted style he got last season, dropping deep and arriving late, only works if players around him make the runs beyond him and able to give him service later on in the move. This is clearly not happening now so until it does get him back to being the striker he used to be in the meant time.
  7. Sakala missed 2 weeks of preseason with the work permit issue, was rushed into the side which then resulted in a groin injury which put him out for a couple of weeks and is now just starting to get some match fitness in him.
  8. Not excused at all but he shouldn't get any sort of praise for being the least shit out of the 3.
  9. Gerrard can pin this on his shirt tonight then.... Tin pot stuff. Others were bad tonight but have performed far better previously. He hasn't performed. At all.
  10. Never said he was definitely shite. Just wondering why you put high hopes on a player like that?
  11. High hopes for a player that Huddersfield, yes Huddersfield, handed to us for next to nothing in hope that he somehow makes up the clauses.
  12. I'm a bit too calm. Probably because I haven't put much emotion into European football this season for us.
  13. Needs to quit international football and the management need to get confidence in someone else to do the job. Plays far too much football at his age in that position.
  14. Don't worry. In a few weeks after we still haven't seen him play the rest of us will forget he is even there.
  15. Mind the tarriers last season? Started shite but gave it the "it's what champions do" When scraping out wins? Champions scrape wins when they've played brilliantly before then and start going through a rough patch. They don't begin the season shite.
  16. Justifies a start because we have little backup and the other two are playing shite? How far have we regressed this summer?
  17. Did we actually sign Bacuna or a cardboard cutout of him to sit on the bench?
  18. Easily up there with our worst performance in Europe under Gerrard.
  19. Win every weekend and I will give zero fucks about Europe this season. We made our mark the past 3 seasons.
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