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  1. thanks m8 for your educated replies to my posts in regards of mental health lol .i think we where losing a battle there but not THE BATTLE ...I didnt mean for it to cascade into the stupidity it did ,but as usuall we had posters that think they know it all ..thanks for the back up m8 anyway cause its a topic thats close to my heart ..WATP

  2. ye dain oan ma profile?

  3. Champions Ole Ole Ole!

  4. Cheaper than a beer?! Worrying, worrying times.

  5. Buy me a beer and you might get the chance.

  6. how do i go about gettin trials fur your team m8

  7. Check the "Its dead on here tonight thread" hahaha


  9. Nah mate, its the Thornton suite in Ibrox. I have been in the Kirkie Rangers more times than I can remember though!

  10. Is that the Kirky Rangers wee lounge your in ? had a few beers in there .

  11. aaaaaa I got my visaaaaaaa :))))

    pity though you & ZJ won't be in Scotland when I'm over :(

  12. hahaha awesome profile pic :)

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