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  1. I thought you were going in Feb? You having the race night when you are back?
  2. Have you raised some money offline as well or is that your total at the moment?
  3. Ireland Spain Canary Islands Greece Belgium Holland Portugal Australia Japan Thailand Indonesia USA I expect this list to increase when I win the Euromillions tonight
  4. My playlist for the last few days: Limp Biskit - Take a look around 50 Cent - Ok. You're right Kanye West - Never let me down The Offspring - Huck it Oasis - Love like a bomb Kanye West - Stronger Kanye West - Homecoming Oasis - Stay Young Mumford and Sons - The Cave Paul Engemann - Push it to the limit New Radicals - Mother we just can't get enough Hilltop Hoods - Still Standing Hilltop Hoods - Hillatoppa Xzibit - Hey now Mumford and Sons - Little lion man 50 Cent - Psycho Rocky - Eye of the Tiger
  5. I have the whole Swagger Jagger song on my left buttock in old English font.
  6. Columbine style massacre is the only way forward.
  7. One txt was all it took to distract the wall long enough for the Germans to strike...
  8. Just gained possession of a smoothie maker last week, its ace. Been sticking just about every fruit under the sun in it, banana, milk and honey in the morning is awesome.
  9. Alex Fergusons autobiography, Muhammad Ali's autobiography and I am currently reading Howard Marks autobiography. Fergies and Ali's were excellent, Marks is a bit slow. My old man gave me an electronic book thingy with hundereds of books on it recently so I will find something to read on that when im done with Marks.
  10. Captain Morgans and Fanta What a ridiculous choice of beverage!
  11. I lost the last part of my night to Jagerbombs last night, not drinking them again, they are the only things that make me black out. I can cope with anything else but no memory of parts of the night is where I draw the line.
  12. I actually quite enjoyed the fight, Haye was outclassed and never came close to the standard required. Will Vlad fight his brother now?
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