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  1. First game of sevens in ages tonight in ages. Legs are destroyed
  2. I lose my mojo when everyone is drinking and I'm not, my patter goes to zero At least when I'm pished I think I'm funny, even if I'm no! I'm feeling better for it and its only a week, will be impressed with myself if I last the month. Need to do it though cause I'm skint as well.
  3. Staying off the bevvy for a month so I can start training properly for tough mudder. Twice I have been in the pub this weekend drinking soft drinks and its absolute bollocks, will find something else to do instead of going back to a pub for the rest of the month. £1.65 for a can of juice as well, they don't exactly encourage you not to drink. Been drinking nothing but water all week up till today and watching what I eat, trained 5 days of of 7 and my body feels destroyed today. Can't wait to get back training again tomorrow. Bought a large roast chicken from Tesco, will do my dinner/lunch t
  4. Metafit last night and fives tonight. Legs are destroyed.
  5. This week coming I'm going to Body Pump, Metafit, Swimming and a couple of Gym sessions. Getting right back into the swing of it
  6. I seen a really good jump in my strength on the stronglifts program but stopped it at the start of Dec due to work. Lost quite a bit in this two months though. I need another programme because I can't do it at this gym. Gids no signed up yet Craig! I don't know if he's going to either!
  7. I'm the complete opposite, love the weights. My new Gym has a lack of free weights which is disappointing. Tried to use the Smith machine for squatting today and it was awful.
  8. If you do any exercise for 40 mins a day 6 days a week then you will lose weight and be more defined. I went to Metafit recently and found it quite similar.
  9. Download it. I bought it and used it for a fortnight before realising my living room was too small and 6 nights a week is hard to fit into my schedule.
  10. Good, if its not a challenge then what's the point? Ill have a swatch of that workout. Was thinking of trying to smash the Insanity the whole way through but I'm not sure.
  11. I'm just going to follow my own plan. Mostly running!
  12. Signed up for tough mudder this year to give me something to aim for. Looks brutal in an absolutely awesome way. Training started yesterday...
  13. I'm thinking about giving it another go in Jan as I won't be able to get into the gym for people on New Years kicks.
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