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  1. Nice you got home for the weekend x

  2. It's just a tonight, not got any green for a toke
  3. Trauma vs. Andy Farley - Get Back 155 bpm, absolutely thumpin!!
  4. Ah, I'm defo rolling a spliff here. Who's on my left?
  5. I've got tons! There all for pish stuff though.
  6. I think everyone should post pics of their pipe. You go first...
  7. What I would love to see is a review: ... Question 23: Do you feel that romance was indeed what you received or do you believe Mr McCarron (henceforth reffered to as "The Mysterious Stranger") had only one activity on his mind? Question 24: Are you openly gay? Did "The Mysterious Stranger" accept your sexual handicap? Question 25: Would you recommend "The Mysterious Stranger" to a family member?... Now that would be more interesting than your alleged pullings. Not that I doubt you to be honest. They do look pretty good, I reckon it'd be enough to woo me after a few drinks!
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