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  1. I'm still scratch. Monthly medal tomorrow on the Old Course. If the weather is what it has been like for the last two weeks, then there should be some pretty low scores.
  2. Played the Championship Course at Carnoustie yesterday in a club match and hit my best score around there - 68, and that was with a bogey at 17.
  3. 3-0 to Scotty Waites was it? I watched the first two sets, The Count was poor. Not too sure if he will move over. As for the Lakeside, it's a competition I look forward to every year, but the standard of darts and players is getting worse by the year.
  4. I thought Gary Anderson supported Kilmarnock? I'm sure they mentioned it at the BDO a few years ago - might be wrong!?
  5. Great darts from Anderson. Into this fat prick.
  6. What a start, Lewis 9 darter in the final.
  7. Taylor/Webster v Adrian Lewis Terry Jenkins v Gary Anderson
  8. The Power needs to get his finger out asap, or he's going out. Smug Welsh prick.
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