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  1. We started looking busy, but then didn't show the quallity of fast, flowing, passing football that we have done when at our best. With very little sign of any penetrative intent or ability. We created hardly any clear cut chances. So simply not our best in either leg. But we were still in it until the Roofe incident, which was just a commited footballer being unlucky, pumped up, which is exactly what we needed at this point. It was unlucky, not malicious - just football. That first red then placed us under massive stress and we were always going to be chasing shadows after that. But lets
  2. This. It's important for the balance and style of our team that we have a player that plays similarly to Tav. Balogun has worked hard when put at RB, but obviously doesn't feel comfortable as it's not what he trains for, whereas Tav has been coaching young NP. No way we change that of out own free will. i.e. unless enforced ...
  3. Also next Scotland should start in an even higher position (9th as things stand) because the oldest year of the 5 drops off, so some teams above us will lose some big scores from yesteryear..
  4. I was apprehensive about last week just because I knew our lads were going to be physically and emotionally drained, as we all were. Not nervous about this one TBH - if we play our preferred style of game - high octane, on front foot, high press, we're going through. #LETSGO
  5. https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/330478?fbclid=IwAR3o8l1KhNJMeC8aWpNoB4YlWNQAN10OPGeNfw9E5-r6Iq3dzYk2nAq26Xw This petition was started 6 months ago requesting a government response on the mandatory reporting mentioned in the film. The petition closes on 21st March and has only collected 1617 signatures, way short of the 10k needed for a response or 100k for a debate. Fucking ridiculous... just fucking sign it.
  6. Well this match is never gonna be a 0-0 scoreline... forget that! 2-0 The Famous!
  7. The right thing to say at this time. Out time will come...again and again!
  8. Having had a bit of nervousness at how the lads will be after all the euphoria, and recognising SPs form, I was nervous. But now I've settled on the fact that if I can feel the adrenalin kicking back in after the shed loads of booze I threw down, then our boys will be back buzzing at at it again to night! 1-2 win for the World-Record-55-Title-Winning Champions!
  9. Top class, from a man who should be very proud of what a remarkable turnaround has been achieved on the back of his efforts. Helped bring us back from the dead...
  10. Well, so far that lad hasn't got either the content, nor the delivery wrong,, so really looking forward to it.
  11. TBH if Herald is swinging bad it's all bad (Herald & Times better than others) because we crossed a line we all knew was there ...but we considered WORTH IT! ... because it mattred!
  12. Same here...heading towards 6 decades old aand remember most of the great and the shite times. Went large on allsorts yesterday, didn'y sleep much as buzzin all night and up early then back on the beers late morning after a fry up. Eyes burnin at watching that shite - no way did I think theyd (DU) hold out...then popped the champagne etc went as mad as you can when your not allowed... but afterwards have got the fact that this is such a big moment for our history that the realisation of this is going to be a slow burn...that never ever dies! Indeed this is the best moment for me
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