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  1. Yes Bill Struth is the true winner because it is free standing and not contacting the others . BTW I hate seeing the open corners so I wish it was connected someway.
  2. In a decade the modern ibrox will be 50 years old, hope they modernise it before then, its falling apart and all this vinyl signage is just papering over the cracks.As for standing it has to be the east enclosure first and fill it with UBs .
  3. Just watched "Joe Garner all the goals" on youtube , what a player ,we have natural finisher ,great in the air scores with both feet , was a hero for Preston and if he plays against Kilmarnock he'll score a hat trick for starters. Happy Days
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    Just back from Marmaris where Rangers are massive every turk knows the gers ,the Ibrox bar was heavin for the Hamilton game . the Ibrox bar boat trip is a big event. and as for the 12th that's a three day party and parade .
  5. Kranjcar was playing with lead boots on , defence passing back to keeper TOO much which always give them back the ball , some players can't even control the ball , need Rossiter playing sweeper and never though i'd say this but keep Wilson in for Hill, Hodson for Tav . only positives for me were when subs came on was better and Windass will be back.
  6. I think with Mr King in charge of the purse strings you can guarantee we won't spend millions on anything, He and the board are good for the club but bicuit tin and moths flying out the wallet mentality is what we will have for the next few years , until we get a Robert Sarver type we will paint over the cracks and not look to the future for plans for Ibrox. I know a few Scottish barrow boys who have became multi millionaires their still as tight as a troots erse that's what King reminds me off.So get someone on board now surely Rangers have a good profile again which should help.
  7. The time is now to at least put plans into increasing Ibrox , with all this talk of denying our own fans there seat and no space for all the waiting list . The only way I can see is third tier on Sandy Jardine , would be a hell of a job but can't see any other way of getting 7-10000 more fans in .
  8. Do you think they would cut a huge Rangers support that THEY need ? They need Rangers supporters more than wee needs them that's for sure.
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    Great player and a special game that will live on in the memory bank
  10. When Ibrox was rebuilt they got the broomie and half the main stand and enclosure about 18000
  11. Apply your argument to Hearts and Aberdeen coming to Ibrox (bigger stadium, should get more tickets, blah blah blah). Bottom line is both Rangers and Celtic give their opposite numbers the same number of tickets. how can that not be fair. King said he has an agreement with them , so they get more season tickets sold AND 10000 more fans in their ground how is that fair? They get prime exposure at Ibrox and we get stuck in the corner out of sight from the watching world . It seems to me that their calling all the shots , that's why we get pessed off
  12. Given the difference in capacity between the two stadiums we get the same number , how the f... are you allowing this Mr King ? You are just letting them walk all over you . Yes you will give away fans that corner but you will also give about the same for segregation which from a television point looks like shit all in the name of safety .PISH POOR grow some and stand up for the club.
  13. What happens if the sales go past 44000 regarding the old firm do we get more of the broomie ? and if that is the case what would happen if we sold 50000 ?
  14. The corner was one of the parts of the stadium that was ok, would rather see the dirty discoloured sides to Copeland/Broomloan done and big vinyll prints draped down the gaps at Bill Struth as hate seeing outside the stadium at those gaps
  15. So getting capacity crowds in the lower leagues of Scotland is not a sign that we couldn't find an extra 10000 fans . and as said I know where Arsenal play and come from . Think back to the time when we opened the club deck ,was chuffed and then the disappointment when the corners were opened to see they were not all seats. 50000 is nothing now in this day and age no matter where you play. Meant to be the biggest Club.
  16. The fans are there to fill it , if the season tickets prices froze and Ibrox had extra capacity would sure to sell 45-50000 season tickets easy . Arsenal went from a 38000 stadium to just over 60000 where did they come from, yes they are premiership Spurs are going to do the same 34000 to 55000 so an extra 10000 seats at Ibrox is no bother , we all know fans who would go if it was easier. Stadium management to get concerts and fight nights to pay for any work . Only be a positive old c... Rant over
  17. He is making a right c... of himself pandering to those council b......s ,to give things for the community ,that's gcc's job not Rangers . Get things done for Rangers fans and Rangers fans ONLY. He has no money and no ambition aye steady the ship but get someone with real money to get us into the future Ibrox will need major work no just a bit of blue panelling and repainting here and there [again] .Capacity increase not feasible ,well that's the easy way out of that .
  18. Thank's for your service to the club you did your best Deano , good luck
  19. This is post only for the positive thinkers so no "we canny fill it the noo" . With season tickets looking good an increase should be in our thoughts , with all these other clubs expanding Ibrox is getting ever more left behind .granted they are premiership clubs with mega money , the stadium has not looked better but it's getting on for forty years old . the corners where the screens are cant be done as Murray shit it and played the easy game filling in with screens instead of using metal trussing similar to the bill struth stand to span between . So main point how would it be done [btw
  20. There not many of their team has experienced an old firm game so that's rubbish, Rangers have nothing to fear it's their player's who are not use to big crowds and atmosphere .. DJ keep quiet and stop being a fud
  21. You must be another young yin who doesn't remember the tims calling it that,
  22. Back in the day that's what the tims called it .your maybe too young to remember
  23. That's why it was nicknamed lego land. great when it went all blue.
  24. Wonder when Ibrox was reconstructed did they think it would last 40yrs without major work in the future ? well this is the future and if we think our club has the stature we all talk about then what's wrong with wanting the best , yes all the premiership clubs are leaving us behind and tv money has helped them with that but a lick of paint onto old paint just looks cheap and nasty the Rangers of old would never be second best as we all know what it was like when in the early eighties WE had the most modern stadium in Britain that was being no.1 . There's nothing wrong being positive.
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