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  1. Face value £48 add on booking fee £50odd. Sell them to one of my blue nose brethren for 40quid. Bird is in a huff wae me its her who wanted to go and I don't want lumbered. Bargain!!!!!!!
  2. Regans mobile number 07770498293 go forth troops
  3. This site should have a closed door policy invite only so i can say fuck the pope as much as i want, oh wait i can
  4. Let them spend their time joining a rangers site, pretending to be a rangers supporter, writing 100's posts. Cause its their time they are wasting cause they could spend 10-20 hours building those posts and rep up but it only takes a admin 2 seconds to delete them. Its a bizarre life but hey ho takes all sorts to make the world go round
  5. Since we found out about it with a tweet from ian durrants son, i reckon its pretty hush hush
  6. Like go after the sponsors in a big way. Prime example no rangers fan should ever use william hill. If william hill lose 50% of thier business in glasgow they would pull their sponsorship. That last protest was massive but what did it achieve? We need to go after the finances, rangers fans have an incredible amount of spending power in scotland and companies will fear a back lash.
  7. Protests do nothing! We need something far more hard hitting!
  8. We wont get out of this league fielding an under 17 team they will get hacked off the park
  9. Where is the the benny hill music? Our season starts in 13 days ffs! Id rather sit out out this season that accept any fucking embargo or any sanctions. Can we no go and join the fucking conference or summit just leave this shithole behind us!
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