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  1. johngers got married last year to a sheep, the sheep actually made him sign a prenup
  2. bkay set up his own record label called foshizzlerecords, he has currently sold 12 albums with hits including pound on the lotto
  3. Mrs burke (claire) is a 10 pound a trick hooker up blythswood square, a know her boyfrined posts on here am i scared? naw
  4. Gail is running her own business going out with some sort of special forces soldier
  5. Ive no doubt you'll shift it again as the first time was so impressive, i just cant believe how you let yourself put it back on knowing the hard work it takes to get rid.
  6. You put awe that weight back on? Jesus fuck man
  7. As for my progress i hurt everywhere except maybe my willy but everywhere man, im sore all the time in work , in bed its just a aching fooking pain. If i die ryanmac will get hunted down
  8. If anyone knows how to upload pdf files i'll upload this and the fitness test scorecard if ye like
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